Reasons to be Cheerful- End of October Joy

Better late than never, here are my reasons to be cheerful for this week.

Last weekend Mr B and I had a wonderful break in Plymouth. I won a stay at The Jury Inn back in August I think and booked to stay the weekend after my birthday so I could be with the children and not compromise Mr B's football (reluctantly I might add) We had such a nice evening on Sunday simply spending time together walking around Plymouth. I love these breaks. No matter how short it is it feels so nice to be with each other. We have decided next year the children can come with us because they'd love the hotel.

I had a wonderful meeting with a homeless man in Plymouth and in all honesty I haven't forgotten about him since. It all started when he asked if I could buy a Big Issue from him. All I had on me was £2 but he said that was fine, all he wanted was to buy a sandwich anyway. Mr B and I went for our walk and got some chips and we ended up back where we started. As Mr B went into the shop and bought a drink I ended up talking him again. I gave him my chips; they were a huge portion, more than I could manage and we spoke about how he got there, about The Big Issue, where he sleeps, what help he had tried, he was a lovely man. We parted on a smile and a tight hug. I wanted to go back to him in the morning but we got held up when an elderly man collapsed in front of us in the town center. After we sat with him it was time to catch the train home. I felt bad but since then I have decided that my purpose was not to be with the homeless gentleman that day but to be there for the older gentleman who would've had a much nastier fall had we not seen him and been there first. 
One thing is for sure, I will be buying The Big Issue more often when I have the change and I will continue to remember my encounter. 

Finally, the children had a lovely Halloween and I had a lovely end to my favourite month. My birthday was great, I had a visit from my friend, our half term was good and didn't cost me a fortune either and we are all settled in the new home.

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  1. Sounds like a great break. So lovely what you did for that man

  2. So nice to get some time with your hubby and that bed looks huge. Well done for having a big heart that you are wiling to open to those you meet. Mich x

  3. So heartwarming to read that you used your break to do good for others, and that is one of the best images of relaxation I've seen in a long time! x

  4. You'd think that two days away wouldn't be enough but when I've done a mini break lie that I always come home feeling like I've been on holiday for real. And you do have a big heart as Michelle said. xxx

  5. You are such a lovely lady Hannah, you really deserved that win and indulge in some you time and you were still thinking of others xx