Day Trip #1 The Regal Cinema Redruth

On Wednesday I took the children on the first trip of our summer holidays. I'll start by saying now it cost a heck of a lot more than I ever intended! The night before, I checked out the cinema film listings, nothing really caught my eye. Midge had already seen the new pet movie, I can't bring myself to watch the BFG (I know it's had rave reviews and I'm sure it's a wonderful film but I so love the book and the original that I'm firmly in the old camp with this one!) I saw they were showing Angry Birds as the bargain movie so we chose that one. All the seats were £1.99 but I was charged for 4 seats which I was refunded at the end. I purchased the small popcorn but didn't have my glasses on so couldn't see how much this was going to cost but each one must've been over £2 because my total (minus the refund) was around £14...not as ouch as a regular film but still ouch for my budget.

Me, A and Midge

Both the children were really well behaved. It was A's first time going to a cinema and it was in my mind that he may get overwhelmed but he was really happy watching the film snuggled into me. The film must've been about half hour late due to technical issues but eventually we got there and the film was really funny. I'm glad we watched it and hope there's another one coming out in the future!

Happy A in the cinema

After the cinema, the children wanted something to eat so we picked something up from the bakery: A cupcake for Midge and a pasty for A. I saw a little toy shop where midge picked up a lovely hair clip pack and A bought a minecraft box. I'm annoyed that I paid £3.99 for the box and it was ME that lost his toy on the train on the way home! If it was him I'd have said 'tough luck' but it was all my fault so we headed to the supermarket on our way home to get Mr B some pop and buy a replacement toy for A. Luckily he chose a £1.50 car this time!

Midge with a cupcake, A with a pasty on the train.

We all had a lovely day together. Midge and A saw their friends on the train so they had a 5 minute natter. A loves train travel so it was always going to be a thumbs up from him! We all enjoyed the movie and I'm pleased our cinema does a bargain offer like that now and then. I'm just a little peeved that I spent so much on the first outing!

What have you been up to this week?

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day out all in all, Angry birds is ace and I totally agree with you about the BFG I can't bring myself to watch it I still have my original copy of the book that I bought when I was 10.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day out. Angry birds does look funny, I'm glad you all enjoyed it and that A enjoyed his first trip to the cinema xx