Reasons to Smile ~ June and July

I'm combining the months once again *shakes fist at laptop stealing children* I like a nice big cheerful post though so I guess it's not so bad. It may be a little long but i'll be keeping the writing to a minimum! I hope you've all had a good couple of months despite the weather and can also pick out some good things from June and July. 


We had Sports day which A got into more than I thought he would. Both tried really hard and I thought the school made it the best sports day in a long time! I got a new bike in June for an absolute bargain and couldn't be happier! I've been on some family bike rides and have been out once on my own. Mr B and I enjoyed some quality time having a breakfast, shopping and going to Costa.

I had some lovely girl time with Midge chatting and doing some nail painting and earlier in the month we took A to his ENT appointment which went really well but I have a feeling he'll be getting an appointment soon for some grommets! Midge won a prize which she was over the moon with and I won some money betting on the footie! Finally in June, I booked a CBT appointment and I have that this month plus I got to catch up with my brother on his birthday, it was nice to hear from him,


July has been a good month actually. I got some new glasses after an eye test at the end of June, they're much nicer and I feel happier in them. We were all happy with the end of school, despite the crying Midge was okay after a while and ready for the long break. Part of the saying goodbye was giving teacher gifts which I made this year and was really happy with. I'm also really pleased that both children have wonderful teachers for next year- phew!

Also in July I took part in the Race for Life with my Mum and we raised just under £200 which we are so pleased with. Doing it 3 legged wasn't the best idea but we were the only ones doing it and were proud to do it all the way. I won a hotel stay in a twitter competition and we started the summer holidays with a great day out at the cinema and a big sleepover with the cousins. Speaking of cousins, I saw one of my cousins, Steph, at my parents house which was great because it has been a very long time! I'm hoping that the whole family can come together next year for a big family birthday party.

I hope everyone has had a good couple of months and that you're all enjoying the summer holidays! It's been a bit hit and miss with some bad weather and bickering but we have had some really nice days where we've had some good fun!

Cupcake Mumma