The Simple Things...

Wonderfully large Bumble Bees coming out to find my flowers. I've had to rescue several already from my kitchen. They seem to be able to get in but not get out quite as easy.

A wrap and a hot chocolate whilst reading the paper on your own.

Starting to stick my letters and some wonderful stamps in the scrap book I've owned for 2 years!

Beautiful Blossom

My son starting to write properly and drawing pictures not just for me but for his teachers too. So proud.

Having a tidy house, donating a bag of old bits to a friend who does car boot sales, reading a good blog post, finding inspiring recipes for next weeks meals, eating a healthy dinner with the children, walking to school with my husband, my daughter cycling to school looking so grown up, simple bread recipes, a clean bathroom, a shower after a workout, a thank-you e-mail, a .good morning, I love you' text and many other things.

Can you name some wonderfully simple things from this week?