Reasons to be Cheerful

Hello all! It's been exactly 20 days since I last posted a blog. I have been in one of those up and down places for the last couple of weeks but even though I am waiting for all these dental appointments, I am currently not in pain (oh such a difference to the frame of mind that makes!) By saving in previous months, selling some things and my wonderful parents giving me some money I am able to afford the private dental care and am positive that the outcome will be very good. Although we are in a situation with my husband redundant, we have an opportunity that we can go for and it seems to have come at just the right time. Basically I feel like I'm being looked after both on land and off is what I'm saying.

So all of the above are reasons to be cheerful and here are some other things:

My new slow cooker. I have felt so organised this week after finding it at a cheap store, it is my new favourite toy! I've made mince for a spag bol, a chocolate rice pudding and a lovely veg and mince stew with some gluten free dumplings. Although I'm struggling to watch what I eat, I think I've made a good choice in getting this little thing to help me along.

My new dentist! I'm actually not scared of seeing a dentist! I know it costs a blooming fortune but the care I have received so far now that I'm off the NHS is just amazing and I haven't even had my big scary root canal yet! It's just, you really cannot underestimate how important it is to be made comfortable the minute you walk in and then see dentists and nurses who are so friendly. It also helps my new dentist works with a lot of anxious patients.

Warmer and sunnier weather. Oh it has done wonders for my mood. I have some lovely photos of different flowers blooming which I get to pass everyday on the school run. We had a lovely walk today, Midge was telling Roo all about How to Train your Dragon and he was listening intently, asking questions, then they overtook me on the pavement and I caught this precious photo:

Brother and Sister hand in hand
Beautiful pink flowers

My friends and family have made me not just cheerful but thankful. I cannot thank my parents enough for helping me, I know they don't want the thanks, I know I'd do the same for my children but still, I'd still be utterly miserable if it wasn't for them. A friend that always texts me everyday means so much to me. I've had help from a blogger about my little man and his writing, a friend bought a camera off me which enabled me to take my babies to the fun day out in the town that they had been talking about all week. A friend that is going through so much and yet still calls to see how I am when I had bad news. Pen pals for staying in touch and making me so happy every time their letters fall through the letter box. Not to mention all the positive root canal stories from everyone and words of encouragement, Thank you all.

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Please visit Michelle's link up to read more happy posts.

Cupcake Mumma