Reasons to Smile ~ March and April

As both March and April were quite difficult months for me in terms of low mood and some stressful goings on, I didn't feel I could pick out 10 things for each month but I didn't want to ignore the wonderful things that did happen so I've combined March and April together for this happy post.


1) Seeing my sister! Issy came down to celebrate her birthday and I put on a spread for her and some of the family. I baked a cake which wasn't great but tasted fine so that's the main thing!

2) Parents evening this year was really encouraging. Midge is doing well and I got to hear so many wonderful things about my number one girl, she makes me so proud. I wish they knew how they were getting on at swimming though because I have no clue! She just says "Well, I didn't drown today," so I'm guessing it's not going all that well but she's trying!! Little A is being referred to a educational psychologist to come in and see him and his teachers so we can get some ideas on how he learns best. He's doing well but does struggle to settle down and focus on his reading and writing.

3) Reading lots! I got to read at least 4 books and I was so happy to be enjoying my books again. I dip in and out of my reading, when I do read though I read a lot and I love it.

The Unmumsy Mum, I enjoyed reading this book

4) I've been discovering some new free from goodies at Tesco! I've found some delicious ice cream which reminds me of mini magnums! They've brought back chocolate ice cream tubs too and garlic bread is new! I enjoyed some chicken nuggets and since Midge has been free from wheat for a few months now she was over the moon to have them on her plate.

New soya yogurts, ice cream, ginger biscuits and garlic bread

5) Making candy bunnies and cones for Easter which people loved. I had great fun making these, I made them for a few of the children's friends and for their teachers and helpers then I sent some off to a Facebook friend who wanted some for her children. I loved getting a smiley photo on Twitter from one of her children holding his bunny packets!

Bunny bags and candy cones


1)  Seeing Kat and the kids. Kat visited fleetingly at the beginning of April which was lovely and I made my way up to see her on April 15th for her birthday. I stayed for 3 days and had a lovely time with her and the children, it was all pretty relaxed (well, as it can be with 3 little ones and a teenager!) I think we all had fun celebrating Kats birthday with cake and gifts.

2) My new dentist. He is so wonderful and although I'm still a very anxious patient, I am able to go through with the treatment I need and I now feel positive about my future treatments.

3) Trevithick Day was once again a brilliant success. Last year I only took Midge with me as we were still struggling with Little A's sensory processing difficulties, but this year we were more prepared and we all had a fantastic time. The children understood it was one ride each, they both happily spent 10 minutes on a huge bouncy castle while I watched, wishing adults could have a go too. We listened to some live music, saw lots of school friends, shared a blue Slushie and both children bought something from a stall. We all enjoyed looking at the miniature railways, Meccano and the boats too.

Little A looking at all the boats

4) I took the children to Pothleven to see Pops and Grandma which as usual they really enjoyed. It was a very relaxing weekend and to be honest, none of us wanted to go home but we couldn't stay becasue we had school the next day! We enjoyed a roast dinner and some cake baking but what we all most enjoyed was being by the sea, playing in the waves and burying our feet in the sand.

Siblings on the sand
Beautiful seaside

5) I caught up on some pen pal letters in April and after clearing up the clutter in my bedroom I have found my room to be my favourite space in the house. It is calm and peaceful which I love and it's been so nice to write while having the window open and the fresh air flowing through.

The dog likes to keep me company when I'm upstairs

As always I'd love to hear what made you happy in March or April, do share in the comments below!

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. Sounds like there have been lots of lovely things going on for you. I hope your mood has picked up a bit lovely xx