Ditching the Chores and Spending Time with Midge and Roo

We're on day 7 of the Easter school break here in Cornwall and today we have made a record with having 2 consecutive dry days, hooray! We were all beginning to wonder if this would ever happen again! We've been pretty lazy so far this holiday, I haven't had much motivation and I spent the first few days with dry socket pain but the children have been okay. We have seen Great Grandma and our Aunties (one of them being my sister who has now returned back up country boo!) other than that we haven't done very much at all.

Today I got my butt into gear and decided to have a craft day. I thought it would be nice to go for a walk but the children ran and hid when I mentioned this, after 20 minutes I surrendered, made a hot chocolate and then got out the paint, glue, card and various junk that would make a wonderful mess. Here are the wonderful messes (actually a lot of lovely artwork..)

A collection of our artwork from this afternoon

Midge's pasta and paint butterfly 

 Little A's pasta and paint butterfly

 My pasta, paint and sequined heart

Midge and I made pasta jewelry together, that was a lot of fun. She made some for her dolls and I made a rather glittery bracelet for myself. It was all good fun. While we did this, Little A had a tug of war with Peppa Dog and the rugby ball.

 Midge mixing her paint

 My pasta bracelet

Tug of war with the dog

We also did a spot of chalking on the pathway of the garden. Little A drew some pictures on the walls, I drew on the pathway with Midge and they also chalked the veranda whilst they were on a roll!

 Painted toes and chalk hearts

Little A's chalk ant

Later on as dinner cooked I gave in yet again to the cries for cookies, so Midge helped me do some mixing (then went off!) which meant I was alone until A came in and helped me put the mix onto the trays. Midge then returned to help eat the mix with her brother. Standard. They all came out quite nicely actually, the recipe book was pants though, I might blog these and see how everyone else gets on! 

Homemade free from cookies

So that was the day I stuck my finger up to the Mount Everest dish pile, the wet pile of laundry waiting to be hung out, the Holby City catch up and in all honesty, getting out of my pjs. What have you got up to so far this Easter? 


  1. Our Easter holidays are starting tomorrow, but I've had LP off school for the past week with chicken pox. I'm hoping he's better for the holidays. 😀
    It sounds like you had a lovely day. x

    1. Oh no sorry you've had the dreaded pox! Hope you get some nice Half term fun in now the worst is over! X

  2. We have had a ridiculously lazy Easter break. My youngest (the boss) hates going out. The middle boy and teen have been out with friends thankfully. I gave my, then, 12 year old chalk, last year to draw all over the path. Him and his mate had a ball!
    Hope you get to enjoy the rest of the time with your 2 xx

    1. Chalk is such great fun and so cheap! I think we all should embrace lazy to be honest, that's what breaks are for surly? Yo chill after doing work and sometimes with school it's a lot these days!xx

  3. Loving the results of the crafting session, we are only just starting the school holidays here and I will definitely be doing the same as you some days and ditching the housework in favour of fun.

    1. Thanks Angela! It was such good fun hope you have a great half term too x

  4. Beautiful, I love the butterflies x