My 5 Favourite Blog Posts from February

Another month another 5 blog posts to share with you all. I'm going to jump straight in with a post that made me really giggle. SingleMum Speaks took me right back to the days of weaning my little ones with her tongue in cheek post 'My Contribution to the Obesity Epidemic'. I too started off with the blender, the ice cube trays filled with pureed fruits and vegetables and Spag Bol but it wasn't long before the Mini Cupcakes discovered cheap sausages, custard creams and well yes, cupcakes, seeming as I spent so much time baking this particular treat! If you need a laugh and want a flash back this is your post.

Jocelyn from The Reading Residence posted  What Time is too Early for PJs? A title I couldn't scroll passed simply because, if truth be told, I practically live in my PJ's! If it's been raining when I'm out I'll pop my trusty warm pj bottoms and over sized hoody on as soon as I'm home again, I may wear jeans but in the cold winter under my coat you're sure to find the same hoody or even a Harry Potter night shirt and you know what? I'm not even sorry. Share your thoughts on pj's!

After a little blogging break its always nice to see a blogger pop up in my Bloglovin feed and Lisa's post was a lovely introduction to her new rescue cat Victor who will be excellent company for her other little cat Jeff. Some things never get old for me and a nice 'hello I'm still here' post featuring lovely kitty cats will always make me smile.

Angela is a lovely frugal blogger who I started following last year. This post on Perspective caught my eye last month. Turning gas leaks, broken hovers and lost voices into positives is hard to think about but when you read how Angela changed her perspective it was really inspiring and I went away turning my negitives into positives also; so thank you Angela.

Finally, Not Another Mummy Blog wrote When We Pretend We're Fine. This post really stuck with me because I am always someone who is so happy in public, I don't moan to the school gate mums about anything really, they talk about their partners and kids, their ill health, their families and I just nod along, sympathise sometimes and act shocked at other times (some stories they come out with I tell you!) I always tell people I'm fine, always. And I always wonder if the person I'm asking is okay is really okay..are they? This post was a good reminder that we all have battles no matter how apparent they may be. Some people tell all and some battles you hear through the grapevine but other people keep quiet and you really don't know if they're okay.

So there's my 5 blog posts for February that I hope you enjoy as much as I did. I have several lined up for March but I'm not quite done reading yet so once again you'll probably see that post at some point in April.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Thank you so much Hannah for including my post, so glad it was helpful to you xx

  2. Thanks so much for including my post! Will check out the others, thanks x

  3. I love these posts. There are a few here I don't know so will go off for a read.