An Avengers Birthday Tea Party for Little A!

My boy is now 5! His actual birthday was slightly uneventful, we had this lovely idea all planned out (luckily it was a surprise) but the rain thwarted our plans and we ended up with birthday cake and birthday Costa (his favourite place bar soft play which I hate..)

To make up for the non eventful birthday I hosted a little tea party for him before we went off to the local pitch and kicked a ball around with Daddy and the dog. A is really into the Avengers and Marvel and with help from the folks at Party Bags and Supplies I put on a spread with Avengers everything! The whole pack came to about £28 and I didn't have to worry about a thing!

We got Iron Man paper plates, napkins and plastic Captain America cups plus a table cover featuring all the Avengers which he loved.

Best of all were the 8 party bags which were all pre-filled saving me the job of going out and looking for suitable items. I couldn't find these items locally, I'd have to go online anyway so I'm pleased to have left it to Party Bags and Supplies to get the fillers! Once you add a big slice of cake the bag is a regular end of the party gift bag!

Little A was happy with his Avengers spread and goodies, he broke the theme slightly by insisting on a mini cake with his paw patrol toys stuck on top, but that's okay, it's his day after all!

If you'd like to purchase this set or perhaps a different theme, check out the Party Bags and Supplies website. There are so many fab party supplies to browse plus fast delivery and friendly customer service so it's well worth a look. We were sent this Avengers set in exchange for an honest review and if you fancy it, why not pop back soon and try your hand at winning a Party Bags and Supplies prize? Look out for the giveaway coming really soon!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Looks like he had an awesome day, love the Avengers theme and the spread looks yummy :-)

  2. Looks like he had a fab day! Can't believe he's 5 already xx

    1. I know not long for yours to be yet another year old is it! Xx