January's Bargains, Freebies & Wins

Hello! I haven't had any time to blog this half term, we haven't done anything remotely exciting but we have enjoyed eachothers company and that's all the matters. Now I've got a spare moment on my Sunday morning, I can finally share with you January's freebies and prizes!

Because I'm being careful with the pennies I try not to pick up things I really don't need. However, I've started a box of books which I've bought for family and friends and plan to give at Christmas this year. I can't take any photos because they may see them and guess which book belongs to them, but so far, all the books I've purchased have come from The Works in their massive sale, several at only 50p!


I had some good freebies drop through the letter box over January I'm pleased to say! I never just get freebies because they're free like some people may do or may think I do. All the free things I sign up for I either genuinely want to try or I already like the product and getting a free sample is ace. Plus it's better than bills!

I got several Bodyform samples plus several vouchers for money off future products in the same range, always handy to add to the handbag and bathroom baskets and the vouchers will be useful too!

Money Wise Magazine
This offer popped up in my mail box and I decided to sign up with them and see what's in the magazine. I haven't read it properly yet but just by flicking through I'm thinking it's pretty good and will inspire me to keep saving.

Dylon colour catcher
I forgot I signed up for this one and I'm glad I did purely for the laughs! I got a red envelope on my door step and thought it was from a pen pal, when I opened it this tiny booklet fell out with this small sheet floating after it. I thought it was really funny sending literally a sheet out for sample but then it is a sample! I haven't used it yet mind you, I'm too nervous!

I'm not sure how I ended up with several La Roche Posy creams but I'm not complaining! I've popped them in my bathroom basket for future use, I haven't finished using my other samples yet and don't like to open them all in one go, it's such a waste.

Another cream I received last month was this Aveeno cream. I saw it advertised on the television and thought it sounded nice so when it popped up as a sample with Magic Freebies I wanted to try it. I really like this cream and I think I'll buy the full sized product in the near future.

Finally I got this face wash from Soap and Glory! I wasn't expecting their samples to even be this size to be honest, normally big companies can be fairly stingy so I was pleasantly surprised! I've not used the face wash yet but I'm sure it'll be fine on my skin and I'll use it again. 
I also got a Purina cat food sample and voucher which I passed on and a Little Dish voucher which I stupidly forgot to use!


I was getting a bit fed up with not winning anything after the beginning of December but 3 wins came at once. I won £50 in Iceland vouchers by entering their Facebook giveaways for 3 days in a row, then I won a £50 lingerie voucher with Bras&Honey via a blog giveaway so I was over the moon! I also won a Muggles Tour in London for 2 adults on a blog giveaway too, really pleased.

February has been good for wins so far and I look forward to sharing them with you when the month is out. I've not had quite so many freebies this month because as I said, I don't just grab everything going, I dislike clutter so wait for something I really would like to try. I hope I have a few more goodies to show you by then though! 

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Well done on your wins Hannah, my soap & glory freebie never arrived :-( can't wait to see what you got in February.

    1. It may still turn up, mind you plenty I've seen others get have never arrived which is so disappointing!

  2. Looks like a good haul! I like the sound of the Muggles Tour, sounds brilliant!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, love a freebie me haha yes i was lucky to win that i reckon!