Recent Freebies, Bargains and Wins! #1

Happy New Year you lovely lot! I'll be writing up my Christmas post soon but I wanted my first post of 2016 to feature my most recent freebies, bargains and wins because I'm hoping to have the whole year full of cheap or free stuff to save money! Hope you enjoy!

Using, (you might recognise them from this weeks Dragons Den!) and keeping my eye out on Twitter (follow my other account here for comping and freebie finds!) I've had a nice few bits of free happy post pop through my door in December.

Olay was a great find on Twitter and I totally forgot about it! I was really pleased when it came in the post, love a surprise! This cream is retailing for £9.99 in my local Superdrug so a great freebie win. I've put it in my hamper which I've started again for birthdays throughout the year and Christmas. I got the Candy Crush perfume through my sister and it actually smells lovely. The cream was from a free stuff search and it's really nice.

I hit the sales after Boxing Day and wasn't disappointed. All these buys have been either put in the hamper or under the bed for 2 impending January birthdays! One box of M&M's may have already been eaten!

Before Christmas I was sent a hamper, I think a few people on social media got one and a few bloggers did too. It was a hamper with a Yorkshire theme from Plusnet and was a nice surprise through the door.

My most recent win (I haven't been lucky yet this month) is still from December and was a set of Sims games from a mumsnet Twitter competition, I was well chuffed!

Have you nabbed any freebies? Won any competitions or bagged any bargains recently? I want to know!

Happy (Frugal) New Year!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Well done Hannah, lovely start to the year :-)

  2. Well done on your prizes and bargains - I used to love the Sims but never really have the time to play it anymore. I was saying next year in the January sales I am going to be more organised and buy my wrapping paper and cards etc a year in advance in the sales - you can save so much money that way :)

    1. My sister ended up with the games as I don't play them either! Did you buy anything in the January sales?

  3. Ooh I love reading about people's freebies and wins so going to haunt this section ;)

    Stevie x

  4. There are loooooads of freebies and bargain websites. Started using Cool Free Stuff as is best for me but also LatestFreeStuff is decent!!

  5. There are loads of freebie sites as well! I think Cool Free Stuff has the best competitions but latestfreestuff has the most stuff IMO!!