Our Christmas 2015

So Christmas came and went as it always seems to do. Ten days prior to all the festivities our dog Peppa fell ill, in the end we caught everything just in time and although very poorly, she made it through her emergency surgery and is now back to full health; our greatest Christmas present really!

When all of the the drama was over we were all much more relaxed and started to organise those last few bits that had escaped us whilst being so busy with everything else! The children made some reindeer dust with me and we sprinkled it outside our house. We laid out carrots, milk and plenty of cookies then it was time for bed.
As usual we sat down to wrap gifts on Christmas Eve with some nibbles and nervous glances around the corner to make sure no little feet were creeping down the stairs! We got everything wrapped and under the tree, we fixed up Little A's train table and found a few sheets to hide it under. Finally we filled the stockings, did the annual snowy footprints from the front door and nibbled a cookie left out by the children. 

Little A on Christmas morning// Santas treats// Christmas Eve breakfast with my sister// Lots of gifts wrapped// Mr B losing the plot!

New train table!// Midge with her toys// Cider and black current// Christmas dinner say Family!// Roast// Mince Pies for pudding! 

Christmas morning was great. I had slept on the sofa because Peppa was still under observation but it was okay, the tree lights came on early, I could hear the children waking up and then running around after finding their stockings. Then everyone came down and we all opened our gifts from Father Christmas. The children read their letters and got excited seeing all the gifts under the tree. Little A's face was a picture when we revealed the train table. Both children were over the moon with their gifts this year.

I got some lovely new shoes and some nice stocking fillers. I also had a big pink mug with a tub of hot chocolate sitting inside which was a huge win for me! We all got some many nice things from each other and then we opened even more on Boxing Day at my Grans where we ate a lovely roast dinner. It was doubly nice because it was the last day my sister would be here before heading back to her boyfriend up country.

My looking after a poorly Peppa// Midge got hair chalk for Christmas// I got new Care Bears!// New mug being tested// Making mince pies on Christmas Eve

Peppa came with us on Boxing Day// Grans Christmas tree// My angel from my Aunt// New stationery from my sister

Christmas Day was lovely, it was the first time we had celebrated Christmas Day just the 4 of us and I will absolutely be doing it again this year. There was no pressure, just films on the television, gifts opened early, the children playing with their toys and I could get on with the dinner with some help from Mr B. It really was lovely.

The only thing I missed was our usual walk around the neighbourhood on Christmas Eve before bed with the children. It's so nice to see how much effort everyone goes to with their trees in the windows and the decorations outside, I hope we feel more in the mood 

Did you have a good Christmas? I sure hope so and I'd love to hear about your favourite Christmas moments of 2015.

Cupcake Mumma