All Signed off From The S.E.N. Department

Another milestone has come about for our Little A, not only has he started reception far better than we thought but he has been doing so well he no longer needs the input of the special educational needs department. This week he has most probably his last paediatric appointment and I'm waiting to hear about his most recent speech therapy results to see if he still needs that in school or not.

Getting the letter from the council made me smile. It's been quite a journey with Little A. We've gone from a very upset little boy who couldn't communicate and threw himself around, became completely hysterical with multiple sensory issues and would bang his head throughout the night causing us all much stress and many sleepless nights.

Now A has a pretty good vocabulary and will repeat most words put to him and only struggles with words that a lot of children his age often do. He can count over 10, is tackling phonics well at school and role plays amazingly well. It was said he probably has a sensory processing disorder, you can't get a diagnosis of this on its own so much, it's more common with other behavioural difficulties which A doesn't have. We used a lot of online tools, books and help from friends who have children who do have other diagnosis's which SPD is also a part of. Over time we have managed to figure out what really upsets A, that he's not just fussy, that we all have sensory preferences but when you lack the ability to communicate it looks nothing more than tantrums and stubbornness, how wrong we were!

We are very aware now that our boy is a sensory seeker, that he won't wear short sleeves, that he hates tooth brushing but now he's older knows it's essential. He has come through a phase where loud noises upset him greatly for a while, I think it's come with growing up and seeing fun in things like discos with friends and seeing fireworks. He hates his hair cut but now tolerates it being brushed and I still can't get him into jeans because they're too stiff.

When we were meeting nursery staff and signed on to the special needs list at school we went through speech therapy, paediatricians, occupational therapists, SPD groups, there's been a lot! At the start they felt he was at least nearly 2 years behind in his speech, emotional and social development. Well now he still forms close bonds to pupils who don't quite feel the same (cue heart break!) but we have conversations, he's learning at school, he's making friends, he's sharing, he's not so obsessed with one thing all the time. He's being imaginative, role playing, he's happier and even his sleep has improved which was sadly the only area we never got any help with.

I'm very proud of my little boy who has come so very far in just a year or so. He has been lucky (I shouldn't need that word but I've a friend going through a horrendous time trying to get help with her child so I do feel lucky) he has had wonderful support. Our bond is stronger than ever, I think I probably overindulge him a little now because we've shared the bulk of this hard time together, sometimes both tangled up as one crying together through sheer frustration and tiredness.

So yes, slowly but surly a space has become free for another child who needs the help and support more than my Little A. I hope they find their journey has a positive outcome too.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. That is fantastic news! Well done to you and Little A! It sounds like he is doing so well! You must bevery proud and have every reason to be x

    1. Thank-you Kim, I really am so very proud of him and a little proud of myself, i've had to fight a few demons for my boy to get the best meetings and see the best people x

  2. So pleased to read this :) xx