My Week That Was ~ Weeks 36 & 37

I'm finding with both children in school I take less photos as I'm doing less. More of my day is about doing the housework and reading my books these days than anything else. I have decided to stop feeling bad at my stay at home role and try to enjoy my time before getting into the world of work which with anxiety, quite frankly terrifies me. Anyway, that's my explanation for lack of photos on these posts these days. Perhaps I should get a hobby!

Week 36
This week was a good week. I had some quality time with my parents, they took me shopping for a new coat as a belated birthday gift. We enjoyed mooching around and getting a costa whilst having a browse in the book store at the same time. I found lots of books I could've purchased but have decided to put them on my Christmas list. I bought a new hat whilst I was out shopping, nice and glittery and Christmassy!

Dog having cuddles// New hat!// Harry Potter tickets arrived// New Tsum Tusm for my sister in law

It was so cold this week, the weather is plummeting fast down here! I had to wrap up really warm this week. I had some nice happy mail from penpals and I bought a Tsum Tsum which I gave to my sister in law at the weekend as she is a big collector. The weekend was lovely actually, we had a big roast with Mr B's sisters and the little ones, I was left quite a washing up pile which was okay because I didn't cook!

Wrapping up warm// Wellies on!// Enjoying sparklers// New book

Purple buscuits// Homemade tomato soup//Nice dinner, not so nice washing up pile!// Relaxing at Mums

Week 37
Last week I had more doctor appointments. This time I had my ECG which was all clear. I had my doctors appointment later in the week where I was told all tests were clear but I will go for one more to rule out anything for good. We reviewed some great books from The Book People last week, both posts are live here and here. Little A loves his poetry books and Midge is really enjoying the world of Enid Blyton.

Cheeky Costa with the children// Lovely bed ready to climb into// Enid Blyton// Poems for Little A

I baked more biscuits at my Mums on Saturday. I made the hearts and coloured them yellow. I needed something to make me feel brighter after the horrific events in Paris the night before. I also had my hair cut shorter which feels so much better. It was nice to see both my parents at their house and spend the afternoon with them. We headed home and went to the soft play center to celebrate my sister in laws 30th birthday. That was a lot of fun. Children and adults having the run of the place without any other people there, it was good fun!

More biscuits// Sister in laws cake// Little T at the party// Mr B and I in the ball pool!

Hopefully I will be a bit more on the ball with my catch up posts but it's getting pretty at school with plays, trips and all the other things that are speeding towards us at this time of year! Hope everyone has had a good week, do let me know in the comments below what you've all been up to!
Cupcake Mumma


  1. "I'm finding with both children in school I take less photos as I'm doing less".
    Apart from the both children bit, this is SO me. Before I'd have amazing pics of days out and these would prompt blog posts. Now I sometimes go for days without taking a pic, and then as a result have no urge whatsoever to blog. Really missing blogging. Good on you for making up such a great post nonetheless xx

  2. Glad your ECG was clear. I remember that washing up pile from Instagram LOL. LOVING your sparkly Santa hat. Yep the temperatures have really dropped. Today is the 1st day I have thought: I REALLY need to start wearing a scarf and gloves.
    L xxx

  3. I'm finding that we don't do that much after school so not many photos are being taken! Glad your ECG was okay! Those biscuits look lovely! xx

    1. Love the biscuits a real treat! Thank you I was relieved. Glad I'm not alone with the lack of photos!xx

  4. Great photos, even if you feel you're taking less! I think I managed three for the entireity of last week!
    Glad to hear your ECG was clear xx

    1. Thanks Tinuke, I think I'm taking more than I think I am, not enough though!