My Week That Was ~ Week 38

Week 39 went from the daily chores to a trip to London with family to see Hogwarts in the Snow, I won't get another week like this for a long time! On Monday it was a long day of nothing much, then in the afternoon I collected the children and we went to a local restaurant to celebrate my sister in laws birthday. I had a really nice gammon, egg and chips which is one of my favourite meals. We went home late but full of food. The children enjoyed spending time together but it was good to settle in my bed at the end of the night!

Mr B and his niece T// Midge// Yummy dinner// Mummy and son moment

We had a lot of rain and wind for the school run this week and I'm very aware that it's just the beginning. Little A managed to give me a smile before setting off on Tuesday which always lifts my spirits in this damp weather. I put my name down for several upcoming school trips (one to see Santa and the local cinema/theatre and today's trip to the fire station.)

Big smiles// Happy mask making// Charity shop success

I made a start on the camel costume for Little A. They've made him a camel for the nativity play and given him a line, which should be interesting! On Thursday I dropped the children off then went and popped into town to look in the charity shops. I ended up with a nice big bag of bits, always good!

At the weekend we made our way up to London to see the studio tour. I took Midge with me last year to see the studios at Halloween and on this occasion we saw it all decorated for Christmas which was totally breath taking. We liked the new Hogwarts Express installation and it really is fantastic, I think it completes the tour. I thought it was good to see new props and I saw a few things I had missed when I came the first time. I took so many photos, as expected and even Midge had an old phone of mine so she could take photos from her perspective.

Car journey smiles (not for long!)// Overhead planes!// Beautiful lights in Watford// Huge meringues and lovely pasta dish in Capriccios

Not keen on the plants life!// Puking Pastels!// In front of Hogwarts// Off on the Express!

We stayed in a hotel in Watford, which was really nice and we met my sister and her boyfriend (who we haven't seen in months) at the hotel. We all went for dinner at Capriccios, I had a lovely gluten free pasta dish and huge meringues. It was nice to all meet up again even if it wasn't for very long, Christmas is around the corner. We headed back to my Mums late on Saturday and stayed over before heading back on Sunday to see the boys.

We had a great time and overall I had a good week. Hope you all did too.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. What a lovely week. These photos are lovely Hannah xx

  2. What a superb collection of photos and such fun! Love the Hogwarts photo's - amazing :) Jess xx

  3. It looks like a brilliant week! Can't believe you have to make a camel costume, I wouldn't know where to start! Hogwarts in the snow looks amazing.