October Bucket List

It's time for me to write up my October bucket list and to see if I managed my September list! I know a few things need to be carried over and I know that because i've made a real dent in the Christmas gift list the whole no spend September wasn't a success but here goes. Septembers list:


-Write to my pen pals. I have written but have not managed to post all my letters as a few need to go abroad and I didn't have the extra pennies for them after shopping!.

-Celebrate national chocolate day on September 13th (by eating some tasty chocolate of course!)
can you believe I forgot! But I did eat some tasty chocolate the next day to make up for it!

-Clear out the cupboard to locate our Halloween stuff- This is done!

-Take part in no spend September- I have taken part in the respect of not wasting my money and going here there and everywhere. I can't call it a no spend month though because I bought a lot of gifts ready for Christmas!

-Continue to take part in The Great Bloggers Bake Off- I haven't done every bake, it's just been too pricey for me. I did make a chicken pie for pie week which was lovely.

-Start writing up gift lists for Christmas- All done and a lot bought too.

-Work out 3 times a week...Yeah this was a non starter! I worked out once the whole month!

-Celebrate my 4th blogging birthday- Done and celebrated with cake!


-Take first day back to school photos in our traditional way (this will mean getting up a bit earlier!)

-Go on a walk together- The children and I had a nice walk together and have been enjoying the school walks too

-Have date night with Mr B- Hmm well we didn't have any time in the evening to do anything, or the children didn't allow it but we did go for breakfast together once this month. I'm going to carry this over.

-Watch Mr B play football- Didn't get round to this one.

-Sort a day for Midge to have her friend over- Midge had a party to go to instead this month so that kept her happy. A planned play date fell through but we did try.

-Book myself and Midges tickets for Hogwarts in the Snow- All done and super excited to say we're going next month!

For October:


Have a go at baking the chocolate tart I've wanted to bake for ages.

Get some exercise in at least 3 times a week no matter what it is

Check off 2 tasks from my Project Kindness and 3/4 from project zero

Catch up on all my happy mail


Do some Autumn crafts with the children

Have a date night/day with Mr B

Have a great family holiday in half term and a good birthday

Do something for Halloween with the children

Have a meal with my parents

Do you have any plans or lists (other than the boring 'to do in the house' lists? Let me know!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Hogwarts in the snow sounds awesome! Good luck on Octobers bucket list xx

  2. Well done on everything you did achieve in September. I didn't know about national chocolate day either. I have eaten quite a lot this week (I'm on holiday - so I'm excused really). Hogwarts in the snow sounds fun. Is this the Warner Bros Studio Tour or something different?

    Sally @ Life Loving

    1. Yes it is at the studio tour Sally it's going to be lovely :) I ate enough for everyone so don't worry ha!

  3. I should Starr making my Christmas list too! Can I email you the photo challenge prompts. I can't paste it here for some reason.

    1. Have popped back to you about the prompts thanks Claire :) in glad I've made headway it seems necessary this year!x