Our Week That Was 29

This week was the children's second week of school which I'm pleased to say has gone really well again. They've both come home with new books, Midge is finding her maths okay and they both have attendance certificates again this week which they love getting!

This week I had an email land in my inbox telling me a paragraph I had submitted about being organised on a school run morning had been published in a baby and pregnancy mag! My husband nearly choked when he saw the magazine on the table but I showed him the article and he calmed down! This made me laugh so much bless him. I was really pleased to have my words of advice chosen and promptly bought the magazine after school with the children who were also pleased!

Magazine// New book//Cute jumper//After my dental surgery

I had another tooth out which happened on Wednesday. I was really nervous so wasn't a very good mummy in the morning. I came home after the surgery (and after popping to a junk store where I found a new book and a cute jumper) to bake some cupcakes for the little ones. It was my 'I'm sorry' and they accepted it much to my relief! I felt a lot better this time around, just a little sore.

Cupcakes// Writing to my pen friends// Stopping at the trains before school//Spending time with peppa dog//Delicious duck egg for breakfast

I spent some time writing to my pen pals, I wasn't nearly as productive this week as I was last week. It was lovely to be matched up to another pen pal in America and I received my letter from Germany (thank you Bianca!) I've put my new stationery to good use!

It was my blog birthday yesterday (5!!) so I baked myself a cake which was very nice and we all enjoyed a slice.

Cupcake Mumma