#SundayStationery Week 1

The lovely Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence is hosting a new linky (but you don't have to be a blogger to share your Sunday Stationery- see her post here) I haven't written a stationery post for a long time, not because I don't have any to show off (because I do!) I just never get around to typing up a good paper loving post up. Now the children are both in school full time I have more time to take nie photos and type up posts I really want to share.

Today I have some of my favourites I want to share with you all. A new pad I bought from Cambridge when I went on holiday this summer, some new writing paper I purchased from eBay a few months ago and my favourite cards featuring macarons. Enjoy!

This new writing pad is my favourite piece of stationery at the moment, It's just so pretty and comes with different sizes of paper which makes writing fun. I bought this pad in Tesco believe it or not!

This writing set was purchased on eBay some time ago. It cost me less than £2 and came with address stickers and envelopes too. I think there were 25 sheets, I still have lots left as I chop and change my writing paper every time I write to a friend.

I really love these cards. I have chocolate cake ones too! I'm a sucker for cake based stationery! I think these cards are just so bright and lovely, who wouldn't smile if one of these came through their letter box? 

The Reading Residence


  1. Gorgeous - this really is going to be a naughty linky isn't it?!

  2. Everyone would smile! It's all so pretty! Tesco, and in fact all of the supermarkets, are doing well these days with stationery, aren't they? They've some gorgeous lines in. Thanks so much for sharing with #SundayStationery xx

  3. ooooh gorgeous paper and love the cards too!

  4. There's nothing as nice as a handwritten letter and lovely paper makes it even better x