Our Week That Was 27 & 28

It would actually be weeks 32 & 33 I think but I decided not to blog weekly in the summer holidays, blogging some of our days out instead. So much easier with the children home and lots to do! You can read about Trevaskis Farm, Lands End and our holiday to Cambridge, just a few of our summer holiday activities.

Last week:

I took the mini cupcakes to Porthleven with me as a nice way to end the holidays. We stayed for 3 nights in total seeing the harbor, seeing my Gran and Aunt and having some lovely chips from the local chippy there. I even had some me time when my mum took the children to a party at her friends place; the children had fun. I made an apple crumble cake which was pretty good, I made cookies too but they were snapped up too quick to photograph!

Apple crumble cake// Together for first day// Midge wants to be a pharmacist A a superhero// Frankie// Beautiful Porthleven
I took my two and my eldest niece to Truro museum. They dressed up, learned about the Egyptians and took home some knowledge about Cornish history too. It was a stressful day to be honest. They touched everything in every shop, almost broke something in the museum gift shop as I looked for postcards and moaned a lot too. One of the highlights was sitting together in a Starbucks having a quick hot chocolate before rushing to the train (where A whinged all the way home!) it could've been a great day but it was just an okay day, oh well!

3 little beans running around a museum//Kingfishers//Egyptian relics// Starbucks hot chocolate

This week:

The children started school! Putting them in their uniform on Monday morning it really hit home just how much they've grown. Both were really excited and went in fine much to my delight. I was so worried one or both of them would not let me leave but they both went off absolutely fine. After leaving them I sat by the library for a while, some lovely flowers caught my eye so I took a snap. You can see we had our nieces and nephews over, this was on the Sunday. The had dinner then painted their faces!

I have been decorating this week! I have done the lounge and bathroom which I am pleased about. Next year we will look into getting a new sofa because ours is slowly breaking! I have also finished the dining/play room which has been half finished for over a year! I had the dentists and its official, goodbye 3rd wisdom tooth. Oh well, least I won't have anymore pain..I sat in the dentists feeling my usual anxious self and noticed the music and odd TV fish didn't make me feel any better! Is it just me?

I spent time this week chilling out on my sofa wrapped in the blanket my cousin knitted and gave to me. I love her! I was supposed to go to my dads fun day on Friday but the car broke down half way there! I sat with mum for well over an hour chatting, eating chips and playing the number plate game. On Saturday I baked chocolate cake which Midge helped me ice and a chocolates pastry roll, yum!

I'd love to hear what you've all been up to so leave me your links!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Looks like you have had a lovely couple of weeks! The cat is adorable! I want a cat but I feel Mipsy would eat it - she doesn't seem to be a cat lover :( Well done on the decorating! xx

    1. Haha Peppa would most certainly eat a cat! This one is with my Mum, it's my sisters cat. He's gorgeous indeed. x