Lands End with The Family

During the summer holidays we all ventured over to Lands End, somewhere that my Father in Law and his partner wanted to visit while they came over from France. I was suffering after my tonsillitis still and the antibiotics had started making me feel quite unwell but I'm still pleased I went because I had a wonderful day.

On the day we visited the Shaun the Sheep exhibit which showed off the behind the scenes making of the movie. We saw sets from Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit and even saw Timmy Time too. The exhibit had drawing to have a go at and large character models including a sheep, bunnies and a rocket which the children loved.

A rather big sheep!

Little A very pleased to see Timmy

Midge and T with a rather cute chicken

Tacing  cartoon characters was fun

We went into Arthur's Quest which scared the life out of Little A so I very quickly found the exit point leaving Midge with her cousins. She said it was scary but very fun. We ventured over to the 4D cinema which was showing a short Jurassic park film. This was my first 4D experience. Little A was better than I thought, not keen on the water that sprayed from the seats but then neither was I! I enjoyed the experience but not as much as a normal cinema film showing! Midge mostly hated it, especially the seats moving but at least she can say she tried it!

We bumped into my dad before lunch whilst he was working which was a lovely surprise. I had a jacket potato while the children went off for a walk with their Granddad. We also enjoyed a picnic earlier in the day; a good old fashioned car picnic! I managed to go in some shops and we all sat down to look at the view which was, naturally, a very beautiful one.

We all had a wonderful day and it was lovely for the children to see their grandparents, cousins and both their aunties too.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Sounds like you had a great time despite not feeling well! :) #TwinklyTuesday

  2. It looks fantastic! We took my son to Land's End when we visited Cornwall when he was about 9 months old, he was quite a grumpy baby and he didn't really appreciate it! The Shaun the Sheep exhibit looks really good.