Check Out Astonish Grease Lifter Cleaning Tablets!

Now the time has come for us all to get inspired by the Great British Bake Off I can guarantee we will all be going under in a tide of dirty saucepans and baking tins, I mean it's pretty unavoidable isn't it? Perhaps you're super good at tin lining but fancy giving your pots and pans a good once over before getting down to baking some delicious food stuffs for the family (I know I am waiting to feel a bit better so I can get on and bake a lovely Madeira cake!) 

My pans need some TLC before they go anywhere near some cake batter and what I really wanted to try my free Astonish Cleaning Tablets on for this review was my grill pan! Granted, not used for baking but as you'll see below my pan is a test for any cleaning product that claims to remove grease, leaving me with shiny looking cooking equipment. 

As you can see we are one of those families that use the grill for sausages or bacon and don't wash it immediately, instead  using it again again until eventually we have no choice but to face the grease. I wasn't so bothered this time. I followed the instructions and added boiled water to my sink and added one tablet (I was prepared to add an extra as instructed to do so if the grease was particularly stubborn!) I added my pans into the water once the tablet was dissolved and 30 minutes later (on the instructions they say 20 minutes but I've always been one for leaving a little more time for these things)  I returned and was very, very pleased with the results!

I also left a small frying pan and a glass bowl in a freshly made sink-full of water but as is common for me I forgot about them and they ended up sitting there for hours. I was incredibly happy to see my glass bowl I've used for years as a rice pudding dish was really, really clear! I've scrubbed that glass within an inch of its life and never managed to lift the burnt on milk from those pesky edges. Of course it's been used for pies and what not too so I can officially say Astonish is my new favourite kitchen must have for my cooking equipment. It removes layers of grease, is so simple to use, is very cheap at only £3.99 per box which contains 10 tablets and as you can see above, removes stubborn over cooked marks too! It's also cruelty free which is a massive bonus. Try it yourself! Available in supermarkets!

Watch this video for how to use your Astonish Grease Lifter tablets!

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