Summer Holidays Week 1 ~

I'm writing this from my sofa, all tucked up under a duvet with my fluffy hat on. I've wanted to blog much like I've wanted to take the children to get a hot chocolate, order my shopping, meet my cousins whom I haven't seen in a year, make playdoh and eat cakes. Yes I can still do all these in time but I'm more than a little annoyed that a whole week has been lost to tonsillitis. Bloody, horrible, energy sucking tonsillitis. I didn't even know it could make you so ill!

The children have been so good. I'm very lucky that both children like a lay in and Midge is very independent in many ways. She made sandwiches for her and little A to have lunch which was very sweet. I have been there I should point out, I'm not sure how I've stayed awake until my Husband got home from work but I have managed it!

Midge baked her own cupcakes with very little help from me. This was on Monday when my throat was just sore and not 'Argh! My throat is killing me' sore you know? They tasted amazing. Mostly they have been watching TV, playing on phones, playing imaginary games, playing with their toys and bickering (not too much of that though I must admit!) Mr B did take Midge to watch a football game yesterday and today he has taken both of them to see a friend and watch football again so they've had some fresh air!

I'm really disappointed I got so ill but I'm glad it wasn't later because of our planned holiday. Now I'm just hoping they don't get sick and I get better by the weekend!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Hope you feel much better very soon! Glad it won't ruin your holiday x

    1. Thank you Tinuke still feeling a little rough so here's hoping holiday is good as can be! x

  2. Ah no I am sorry you are poorly I hope the kids don't get it xx