Nothing but Happy Thoughts! ~ A-Z Challenge

It's Thursday, so I thought as I'm in a pretty good frame of mind today I could use the lovely Reasons to be Cheerful link up to spread some cheer and to also use it as today's letter on the A to Z challenge; because today I really do feel there's Nothing but Happiness!

1) Firstly it's proud Mumma moments. Midge has been doing so well with her reading she's now going steadily through her set books and her teacher has moved her up to a different phonics group. I'm so proud of her. Now we are working on her confidence! Also, Little A is talking like nobodies business and it doesn't matter if I'm the only one who can sometimes understand him, I have waited for this time for so, so long!

2) Today, like many parents and carers we awaited the school admissions here in the UK. I'm pleased to say my Little A is indeed going to the same primary as his big sister. I'm over the flipping moon!

3) Although I dropped my phone today and smashed the screen, I'm pleased that hopefully it'll get fixed quickly and it's not going to cost the arm and leg I was expecting! Small things hey?

4) A part from my weight I am in general in a good place. The children are happy, I'm not too uptight about the house being totally the opposite of how I want it, I've had fun this week playing with make up too and I'm really pleased that my lowered dose of anxiety medication seems to be going well for me.

What are your Reasons to be Cheerful this week?

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Ojo said...

That is a lovely bunch of reasons! I have been where you are, in regards to the speach, the only way is up!
Well done on the reading too. My children are not lovers of books, but are great readers?! lol xx

Plutonium Sox said...

Aw this is a lovely thing to do. The school thing must be SUCH a relief! We are currently getting our house ready to sell purely because of school catchment. So annoying but too important not to.x

Hannah said...

It really is a relief! Such a shame to have to move to get into the catchment area for a good school but i really hope it goes well and works out for you! x

Hannah said...

Thanks Jo! It's fantastic to hear him progress, thanks for your support, Such a shame they're fab readers but don't enjoy books! Maybe in later life hey!? xx

MichelleTwinMum said...

Fabulous, I'm all about the happiness right now too, great news abou the school place. Mich xx

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Great news that your children are both going to the same primary school, it must be a nightmare when that doesn't work out x