Lowering the Dose Part II ~ A-Z Challenege

A few weeks ago I wrote Lowering the Dose which looking back is a little all over the place and not great writing by any standards but it was me, in that moment, at that time and I won't go back editing things out or deleting words I felt at that time of writing. I hope this post comes across a bit less jumbled if you like.

So how is the lower dose going? It's going good. I am now on a 10mg dose of my medication for anxiety and low mood. I remember when I lowered my meds last year I was anxious, nervous, irritable but this time is different. I found initially I a bit short tempered and admittedly I wasn't the happiest person to be around. I wasn't sure if this was normal and started to consider a return trip to the doctors. As it turns out a week and a bit later I started to feel brighter, it was all fairly normal if not a little unpleasant.

Now I am feeling much better. My low moods are more to do with my over thinking or attitude rather than anything a pill can help with so yes, it is still a battle. I'm struggling at the moment with my confidence due to my weight and my excessive blushing. I will get through it though. A memory triggered something and it has placed me in a vulnerable place blushing wise so I find I am thinking about it more which means I am doing it more. I am experimenting with make up and am still contemplating therapy but deep down acceptance is the only 'cure' and I know this.

Overall this is so far a positive journey for me. I can see myself lowing the dose of my medication again over the summer with a view to being free from medication in 2016. I know anything can happen to change things in such a space of time but without hope, without goals or pushing myself just the right amount then I may never change.

You know when the time is right but make sure you know when you're struggling too. If you're also lowering your medication or ready to come off it completely feel free to leave me a comment and know you're not alone in your journey :)

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I'm following this with interest, especially as I used to have a blushing problem when I was young too! I'd almost forgotten about it x

    1. Thank you I hope it can help in some way (if needs be!) I so wish I could forget and be free but is not happening any time soon for me x