Keeping it Real ~ A to Z Challenge

It's very easy to read blogs and watch vlogs and come to the conclusion that all a lot of us do are fun days out, educational activities, messy play and that we're happy-happy in our wonderfully tidy home. The truth? Well for me my blog is for memories and snippets, I don't really need to look back at the bad times (not to say I don't blog the real stuff, my mental health page for a start) but I get how people feel. So just for those of you who need a bit of 'please tell me I'm not the only one who can't keep my sh*t together!' This ones for you (because I can't either...)

Exhibit A- The Never Shrinking Laundry

I'm a Stay at Home Mum so my laundry should be under control right? Wrong. See also:

Exhibit B- The Multiplying Dishes

Seriously I wash, I scour the house, I tip the water away and an hour later it's like the Mount Everest of dirty dishes.

Exhibit C- The Dying Tumble Dryer

Do you have something in your home that is on its last legs but not quite done yet, so you keep it regardless of it being old and only working upside down?

Exhibit D- Clutter is the curse of all

The charity bags that pile up

The toddler bed that's been sat there for at least 2 months now (maybe longer)

The dumping ground (more commonly known as the dining table that hasn't seen a family dinner in a fair while )

Other things that keep me real:

My kids don't shower all the time and they don't stink so I won't go feeling bad about it.

My house hasn't seen polish in at least a month.

I shout, and swear and sometimes both at the same time.

We don't go out lots, we rarely do messy play, homework will be the death of me, I miss appointments, I still co sleep with my four year old, I am evil when woken up at stupid o'clock and I care too much about the mums at school (and everyone else)

What keeps you real? Can you identify with any of these? I sure hope so else I'm just going to hide under this duvet and never come out! (Yes I'm watching kids TV, with a duvet before can wait ;)

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Love the upside down dryer ~ high 5 for keeping it real

  2. Oh, man, I can relate, and my daughter left home a few years ago. Sometimes (by which I mean most of the time) housework takes a back seat to life's other priorities. I live with my sister and we have a running joke that we can't leave any surface uncovered with clutter for more than ten minutes!