A-Z of Me: B

You may have seen that a while ago (okay, ages ago) I started an a-z of me, my first post being about my anxiety. I'm now finally able to write my second post after spending all this time thinking what on earth B could be for! Originally it was baking but despite thinking about it a lot I don't actually do much of it so to say it was a part of me wouldn't be strictly true and in keeping with the concept of these posts. So finally, I have chosen something that is much more me:


I adore books. Whether they are story books or notebooks they are completely loved by me. My first book I ever read from front to back was Matilda and I have loved it ever since and still own the very copy I had when I was a small girl.

I'm very interested in World War Two and in particular the stories written by those who were in the concentration camps. My top reads from these books so far have been The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz and I was Doctor Mengeles Assistant. I have of course read many titles based on these atrocities, too many to remember in all honesty but I know most of them are either in my cupboard or borrowed from my local library.

Then we have my favourite author Phillippa Gregory. Phillippa allowed me to fall in love with books again after a long break due to tiredness and small children and 'stuff'. I adore her Tudor novels and have a large collection of novels from the same era by different authors which I simply can't let go of! She also writes other novels which are just as un put down-able!

Of course my Harry Potter books are well loved and I am saving them for my children to enjoy (and I read them over and over!) I also have notebooks which I adore. Notebooks and dairies slipped onto shelves by my computer or stored in my room waiting to be used.

I'm really not one for reading books on screens and i always forget to look at typed up lists on my phone. I prefer handwritten notes and lists, bursting bookshelves and cramming a novel into my handbag to read should I get bored on the train or need to slip off to Costa for an hour.

So that's B! Are you a book lover? Do you find time to read a book or are you a collector of notebooks that catch your eye and consequently threaten to overtake your home? I'd love to know!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I'm a huge book nerd and usually read 1-2 a week. My reading tastes are all over the place and I like just about everything, well except for chick-lit, blech, lol. Good luck with the A-Z challenge this month!

    1. Mine appear to be rather all over the pace too atm! Thanks, I'm going to need it! X