Our Week That Was~ Week 11

I spent Monday having a pleasant morning school run where for once no wheels were present! So nice to not hear those scooter wheels dragging on the tarmac on a Monday morning! When we arrived home Little A occupied himself, we had a nice cuddle and I managed to do some crafting. Later I delivered him to nursery where he had a fun day whilst I did housework- boring! I ran out of gas though so had no heating or hot water until Wednesday! We baked lovely chocolate cupcakes in the afternoon after school and both of them decorated the cakes (with plenty of bickering of course..) I finished my letters and crafting when the children went to bed and caught up on good old Four Rooms (anybody else!?)

On Tuesday I was in rather a bit of discomfort with my back and legs so decided to stay out with A until nursery. I used a gift card from a friend to buy us both hot chocolate and we stayed in Costa for an hour. I got to read the paper, A played with my phone and we chatted a little too. We then went to the train station to eat our lunch before going to nursery. We met a lot of friendly people today, which was nice. I went home and got myself a nice hot water bottle, read my happy mail from America and did some blogging.

Wednesday was a day for bill paying, negotiating with council tax and being patient! Before all that though I had breakfast with Little A, not done that before just us two.I later had a lovely date with a friend who had come back from the USA and we got to really catch up. The next time I see her she'll have a new baby which is a lovely thought. I stayed a little after my friend left and then met up with Hubby to collect the children. We had a rather fraught walk home but ended the evening quite nicely (but again a late bedtime for me silly!)

On Thursday we got a parcel from Koalapak to review which we are all really excited about diving into! I had a relaxed afternoon not doing much other than housework and sorting some blogging. Later everyone came home and every single one of the family was in a foul mood! Dinner was quick and so was bedtime! Hubby watched footie on the TV whilst I sloped off to bed to watch TV on my phone. I had a better Friday though, sending off all my gift swap parcels and my new notebook that my friend and I have started. We had a take out dinner (now limiting to once a month, if that, for weight and money purposes) I enjoyed a long walk today and a visit to the library too which is a favourite place of mine I must admit.

On Saturday I visited my Gran who has been home from the hospital nearly a week now and doing well with her new knee. We had a short walk with my Aunt and I cooked up a vegetable stew with gluten free dumplings, very tasty if I may say so! It was a really nice day actually. I have spent Sunday having a nice relaxing day with my family. A big breakfast, a few gifts and homemade items have made me smile.

Next week I have no plans at all. Nothing! How boring! I'll just have to see what happens beyond my day to day goings on. Hope you have a good week all.

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