Koalapak The Craft Box for Children!

Koalapak recently contacted me to ask if we wanted to review one of their craft boxes for children. I've looked at a few boxes and can honestly say none of them interested me as much as this box (which I'm seriously considering subscribing to after seeing what great value you get from the box)

The children received their box (The Mega Box) in good time and it was even personalised with both their names printed on the front. I thought this was a lovely touch! The boxes start from as little as £3.95 up to £16.95 you can subscribe monthly or buy one off boxes, plus add extras for siblings when buying a smaller box.

In our box we received:
Easy to read and follow instructions for each craft
A cardboard frame
Lots of cards, pre-folded, plus their envelopes
Crayola Felt tip pens
Dinosaur and heart stickers
Button embellishments
A small Pot each of glue and glycerin
Packing tape
Paintbrush and glue spatula
Sticky tabs
Red ribbon
Heart confetti
2 pots for a snow globe craft
Porcelain paint pen
1 Plain mug
Gem stickers

As you can see SO much.

Midge started with the frame which she made me as an early Mothers Day gift:

Both needed my help with the snow globe craft which we all found fun. Little A picked up a photo of Midge for his and Midge drew herself a picture which I then covered with the tape provided to make sure it was water proof. We stuck the photos to the lid (I taped them in the end!) added water, glycerin and the confetti (Midge put glitter in hers from my craft draw) and they both loved the outcome.

Whilst Midge was at school Little A made some cards for an upcoming birthday, Midge made hers when she came home. Such a straight forward task meant that there was very little involvement from me at all.

I think our favourite one was the mug which Little A and I did together when he was feeling brighter after several days of croup. He drew some spiders on his mug (I had to draw something first so he got the idea) he then went and drew on a plain pink mug I own such was his fondness for this craft!! We baked the mug at 90 degrees for an hour and it's fab! I'm going to buy a plain mug for Midge because she missed out on this craft.

From a parents point of view, I loved the excitement my children got from this craft box. I loved that they created projects that I've never thought of showing them before. What I also loved was the inclusion of an information sheet detailing what skills my children would be learning and developing according to the EYFS framework. This really pleased me and I found it interesting, Ive never really thought about all the skills children pick up from crafting!

To sum up, I really, genuinely feel this is a fantastic, great value craft box for children (and heck, the whole family if your children are young enough to need your help!) Crafting is so much fun that I think it's fantastic companies like Koalapak are putting these boxes together with easy, fun projects that come with everything you need to complete.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. This looks fab, i'very not heard of these particular boxes before x

    1. Aside from Paperhaul which I buy myself at a reduced price to review, I have never loved a review product so much honestly! x

  2. I love this kit, so great I love crafting x

  3. This kit looks fun! What a lovely idea for a rainy day box in the holidays :) Stevie x

  4. I love a good craft box! But as as home ed parent I also love the inclusion of the EYFS sheet. Super cool. Definitely something to get!

    1. I do too! I'm glad you also thought the leaflet was good, I was very impressed. Next i'm going to sign up for regular boxes off my own back because i'm genuinely in love with this craft box idea!