Our Week That Was Captured~Week 9 & 10

It's been a really tough week here. Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of ups and things to smile about but it's been kind of emotional and I've not managed to keep up with things. A very dear member of our family was in hospital for a planned operation but unfortunately some complications arose. Long story short, everything is very much okay and we can all breathe a sigh of relief but it's been worrying, emotional. I'm tired. Of course there's other 'stuff' but that's all it is, 'stuff'. I'd like to recap on the last two weeks because I've been doing so well with my catch ups and I don't want to have any gaps!

Last week:
I introduced Little A to tree climbing which he absolutely loved. We had a Costa together at the end of the week and visited the library to return books and kill some time before nursery. Midge had world book day at school and added to the large collection of Elsa's in there! Sadly she was sent home at lunch because of earache which has bothered her somewhat over the weekend still.
I enjoyed a lovely coffee date with a friend and a little charity shop look about, although I didn't buy much, just a history book. I read a fantastic book I picked up from Costa's book corner, My Sisters Keeper. I read it in two days! I've written some happy mail which A helped me decorate and had a lovely box of chocolate eggs from my sister delivered which I'll be sharing with my Aunt as they're vegan Moo Free eggs. I spent several days seeing my mum because of hospital visits to see her Mum, my wonderful Gran who is now recovering well. She treated my two to doughnuts after school one day and I made us dinner several times. I may have had a few naughty take outs last week too- oops! The children made good use of their scooters and bikes this week, discovering a new path to school which included a rather big hill to go down rather fast!

Little A date with mummy// Midge dressed as Elsa//Doughnut boy//Doughnut girl!// My Sisters kepper// Box of chocolate eggs and bars!// Reading again// Costa date with cakes and a friend// Playground fun

The week before was a good week too, not so emotional! I got hooked on chocolate cornflake cakes, made homemade dinners and enjoyed yet another hot chocolate date with Little A before nursery. We enjoyed another library visit and he's been really getting into the environment there and loves popping in to see the children's corner.
I finished off a Harry Potter novel and picked up a new one I've not seen before, The Language of Flowers. Finally during this week, I had a GP visit where I lowered my medication for my anxiety and low moods. I feel pretty good about this and hopeful I can maybe be off them soon but for now I'm just focusing on the lower dose.

Puddle exploring// Happy mail pile to go// Getting ready to make cornflake cakes// Yummy cornflake cakes!// Hot chocolate date with my boy

Hope you've been having a good couple of weeks too, I'd love to know what my readers have been up to.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Sorry to hear about the hospital scare but so glad to see there were so many nuggets of happiness spread throughout the last couple of weeks too. I've started to do weekly round ups again and found it such a wonderful experience to recap on what I've done and the small moments I took photos of.
    Your chocolate cornflakes have made me hungry! Oh and those hot chocolates too!

    1. I'm loving the round ups I don't want to miss too much either! I've been following yours too:) yes go make some they're too good! X

  2. Looks like a fab week Hannah, I need to make cornflake cakes, it's been too long!

  3. I keep meaning to do these "week that was captured" posts. Our life won't be there in my blog, to look back on, at this rate. Lovely to see you are re-reading Harry Potter. I have them all and read them back when they first came out but would LOVE to read them again. Sorry to hear about the complicated op, and glad it all worked out for the best, even though it was taxing. Emotional stuff wipes me out nowadays and sees me having many PJ days xx