Reasons to be Cheerful

I've had a lovely week this week! I wish the weather would brighten up a little though, it does make my lowering of the old low mood pills a slightly tricker job..

There's been many positives though. I had a lovely afternoon on Wednesday with a friend who has just come back from the USA. She's due her second child very soon and it was wonderful to catch up, talk about how things have been while she's been away, talk about the children and of course lots of labour and baby talk which I loved! I had a very nice time with her and a lovely hot chocolate and Cherry Bakewell too.

We recently had Midges report through and it's looking really good. She's really keen on writing and does her own stories, practises her writing and even has several penpals. Little A is doing well too. The key with him these days is a hell of a lot of patience and organisation (also acceptance is a good thing to have!) Both children are doing really well as far as I'm concerned and I'm very proud of them. I'd like to look into outside school activities for them soon. Midge also got her Bronze award for 100 house points today which is great!

The week has generally gone well. My Gran is now back at home and I'll be seeing her this weekend, we've had a great craft box for the children to review and I've had some lovely happy mail this week too. I'm looking forward to Mothers Day this Sunday, a nice big breakfast and some beautiful items from my two little ones no doubt!

Reasons to be Cheerful

Cupcake Mumma


Jeannette Cripps said...

Great reasons, an uplift in the weather is always good for me too.
Well done to both your children too :)

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Oh I remember those years when nearly every conversation with friends was about childbirth! Sadly it's a while ago here. Enjoy Mother's Day x

Tinuke B said...

OUnds like a lovely week, nothing like sharing birth stories with a friend is there!? Well done on the positive school reports and I hope you have a great Mother's Day! xx

Bright Side of Life said...

Lovely reasons to be cheerful and how lovely to catch up with an old friend. I am so past the baby stage, although I do think they are gorgeous..... and I get very broody on occasion!!

Ojo said...

Oh I do love an afternoon of baby talk! It's lovely to read you feeling brighter, I've commented on your post about lowering your pills too xx