What February Means To Me

Lots of love! I do all the seasonal occasions but I respect there are many people who hate them, especially Valentines! We don't buy into the commercial rubbish but we usually make a card and get a little gift and enjoy breakfast in bed. This year we're having a joint birthday breakfast for A and my niece who is 3 on the 13th, so that will be a room full of happiness and love! In general though I'm lucky I'm in a marriage where we often see something one of us would like and buy it anyway but I still like to 'do' Valentine's Day; it's harmless to us.

I can feel spring around the corner despite the very definite chill in the air.

Looking forward to change. With spring so near, I start to want to de-clutter my home and mind and to feel lighter.

The first half term for the children since the festive holidays looms near and I always look forward to this one.

It's the month my Little Man was born. This year he'll be 4 but it doesn't feel that he'll be that age just yet thankfully. I don't feel he's growing up as fast my Midge!

With big sister Midge

Pancakes!! I love pancake day! Since all my tooth trouble I've really cut back on my sugar, which is a big deal because my sweet tooth is a big sweet tooth. I won't give up pancakes covered in lemon juice and sugar though no way.

It's still cold enough for hot chocolate.

What does February mean to you?

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  1. We are going to be having a nice feast on pancake day too, lots of fun! Mich x

  2. Lovely post! February for me is always my first chance after Christmas to take stock of the previous year and what I'd like to achieve this year. January is far too busy for me with 6 birthdays (mine included) and my anniversary so I don't get a chance to sit back and relax. With that in mind I spent 7 hours spring cleaning my flat this weekend! A much needed fresh start!

  3. You are so right, February is the month when you can start to feel spring and really notice the lengthening days, so quite cheerful really. Especially when you get to have pancakes with lemon and sugar - mmm.

  4. February is a pretty good month really! The days get longer, spring really isn't far away and lots of pancakes. It always feels so much better than January at any rate!