Our Week That Was Captured: Week 6

Not a bad week for The Cupcakes last week I must admit. We had a lovely bit of snow falling (after Einstein here mistaking hail several times for snow!) and we woke in the morning to a lovely sprinkling across the estate. Nothing we could do much with but it was the first time Little A had seen snow properly so that was exciting for us. On Monday we all walked to school very gingerly I must admit! After I had done the nursery run I grabbed a cheeky Costa wrap and hot chocolate. School runs have been so stressful with Little A, I'm trying to find ways to get him less distracted but all I can do is leave super early for everything! In the afternoon Jay collected them both and treated them to a surprise meal out while I got a surprise bit of alone time at home!

On Tuesday I had a relaxing day doing my usual. I enjoyed a hot chocolate (yeah you get the idea, this is a big part of my diet ha!) I also introduced A to the wonders of poached egg on toast which he's never shown interest in before- he loved it! We snuggled for a while before setting off for nursery. I spent a while in the library reading newspapers whilst I waited for my Dad then I spent the afternoon with him which was so nice.

Late night snow// Cheeky Costa on a Monday afternoon// Midge on the bus to dinner// Tuesday post school run hot chocolate at home// Poached egg yumminess// Holding hands for the school run// Our baby Olaf// My chicken pasta// New book

I spent the rest of the week just going about things quite happily to be honest. I've done some letter writing and caught up on my blogging which always makes me happy. I was very late on Wednesday for nursery because 2 trains were due in and we had to stay and watch them...I was very stressed that day! We had Little A's first paediactric appointment on Thursday and all went well. I spent the morning with him having breakfast and a nice stroll before we went there, then I took him to nursery. I spent the rest of the day researching a disorder they think he has (sensory processing disorder) and just bogging myself down in thoughts to be honest! Friday was a dull day so no photos from then sadly, not everyday can be great I suppose..

Saturday made up for the bad day though because I had a couple of hours to lay in bed, then I set up a travel bath with water and both the children loved playing with the water, bubbles and some bits I added for fun. We then took the bikes up to the local field and watched Jay play footie. They won 5-3, so a good match, although I stood in dog poop twice so wasn't in a great mood on the way home! Sunday was really good too. We tidied the garden, tidied the house, watched some cartoons and had a great roast- yum!
At the train station before nursery// Train incoming!// Reading the paper at the library// Naughty but nice chips and salad for tea// Super long socks// Little A and Mummy breakfast// Water play fun// Muddy goalie// Watching daddy play

This week Midge has a valentines disco, it's Valentines Day on Saturday, I want to get some baking done and my Aunt is popping over to do some work with our dog who is very over excitable and needs some training! Have a fab week! 

Cupcake Mumma