Our Week That Was: Captured

The weeks are just flying by at the moment and it's hard for me to keep track of dates and all the little things that are popping up with school now such as costumes for plays, fund raising days, donations for non uniform days and other things like lantern parades and light switch ons!

On Monday we had wet walks to school but were all dressed for the weather and on the nursery little A and I shared a soya hot chocolate in my new mug. It was very warming and got us to nursery! We also had a meeting in the afternoon so hubby decided to do lunch at Wetherspoons before heading off to talk about A and how he's getting on. You can read about that here: Developmental Delay and Our Son.

On Tuesday it was absolutely pouring down and I missed the nursery gates by 1 minute. I was gutted! In the afternoon I looked over my new gifts from Kat who stayed recently and I started wrapping my next swap gifts for my new partner. I'm doing an Advent swap this time!

Wednesday was another miserable day. We almost missed the gates again but got lucky this time. A was shattered in the afternoon so we didn't do much in the evening just television and dinner before bed. I got my Advent Swap parcel in the post which is exciting, it's packed full of gifts for December! Little A made a Christmas canvas before nursery.

Thursday and Friday were really slow days. I didn't even take any photos! We're missing our train watching because they're doing work on the tracks and I'm not being very good with crafts and what not. I did make a load of Christmas cards though which cheered me up!

Saturday I wrote out said Christmas cards and midge made a Christmas canvas to go with her Brothers. In the late afternoon Grandma turned up. We ate dinner then took Midge out to see the town lights and Titan the robot, she wasn't keen on him but I enjoyed myself! We got some great photos and came home to do bedtime. Mum didn't leave until gone 10pm which is unheard of for her! We had hot chocolate and watched Gavin and Stacey before she left though, so a good weekend all in all.

Walking home from school 'reading' a library book// Sat at Wetherspoons waiting for Hubby I admired my new charity shop found pretty cards// My new mug keeping me warm on a rather cold school nursery run//  I did some Christmas shopping and fell in love with this set! I love ketchup and chips!

Very tired boy after nursery// Playing trains (his favourite game)// My parcel from my swap partner- exciting!// All non edible gifts from my beastie// Some presents are wrapped for my Advent Swap partner

Midge and I under the town Christmas tree// Crafting// Midge and Grandma under the tree// Big town Christmas tree (it looks beautiful)// Titan the robot switched the lights on again this year.

Next week I'll be hopefully feeling more Christmassy, it's my Dad's birthday and I'm hosting (cake baking alert!) and I think I'm being taken out for dinner at the weekend oh er! Have a lovely week!

Cupcake Mumma


E said...

Ohh that tree is gorgeous!!! I love the run up to Christmas x

Jennifer Jain said...

Looks like a lovely week, despite the dreary weather! I'm very excited about Christmas this year, seems more so than previously. Perhaps because both children are really into it this year. I agree about the difficulty in trying to keep track of everything, it's the school fete this week and we basically had a huge checklist of things that needed to be done - filling an envelope with coins, buying tickets to Father Christmas, donations to send in, buying raffle tickets, baking cookies...so much to remember! I'm jealous of your Advent swap partner, what a lovely parcel :)

Unknown said...

Love all the Christmassy pictures! Very impressed with you getting some cards written, I should follow your example.

Hannah said...

Lovely photos! What a lovely gift in your swap! The Hogwarts tee looks amazing!! Looks like you're having a fun Christmas run-up already :)

Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

Hannah said...

Thanks Emma!xx

Hannah said...

Thanks Jennifer :) I love the run up but it is busy isn't it! Think you have more on than me unless I've forgetting things eek! X

Hannah said...

Haha I have to be in a very certain mind frame to sit and write lots of cards!xx

Hannah said...

Love my t shirt very happy fan here! It's a pleasure to join in again thanks hannah xx