#BEDA Day 6 My Best Friends

I have several best friends who mean a hell of a lot to me. The first, K, I have been friends with since 2007 when I posted on a parenting site asking for advice. After that initial open chat on the forums we started e- mailing, then texting and then letter writing. It's now 7 years on and we still do all of those things regularly.
The sad thing is that we live so far from each other. I'm in Cornwall and she's near Cambridge. It's a long way to travel and expensive for both of us but we have met. Last year I visited family and we had the best time meeting each other. We both have two children the same age, just a few months a part each. She knows everything about my life and is the least judgmental of anyone I've ever met. The only reason I haven't fully named her is because she doesn't know I'm writing this! She'll know who she is though and I love her loads.

There's little introduction needed for my sidekick and other best friend Kat. Another online friendship that has just happened and blossomed. Kat and I first met when we were to climb Mount Snowdon in 2013 with team honk. I'm so glad we clicked, otherwise we'd be travelling to wales, just the two of us, in Kat's car and then bunking up together. Awkward if you don't get along but we had no such troubles!

We've held each other's hands virtually since that day and know everything there is to know about each other and our families. I get along wonderfully with her boys and we've stayed at each other's houses a fair few times (2 days until she visits with the crew!!)
I love both her and her boys a lot and have a soft spot for her little Chaos despite his erm, livlyness (I don't think Kat would use that word I'm sure ;) I plan to be the supplier of prettiness and cupcakes to her fourth and first (and final!) little one- a baby girl!

So Kat and K, I love you both very much!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Lovely post - sounds like you have two wonderful friends there :-)

  2. Awww... Did laugh about Chaos and no I wouldn't call it liveliness!! Cant wait to see you and your gang too. 2 more days :) love yous xxxx

  3. Lovely post :) I've just been on Kat's blog and it's great to see what brilliant friends you both are. Aww!! :D x

  4. That hoody makes me look enormous! I look bigger there than I am now at 7 months preggers lol xx

  5. hahaha love the pink skirts!!!