Little A's Dream Bedroom

I came across Little Stuff's blog and discovered a competition I'd thought I'd enter. All you have to do is go virtual shopping for either your dream lounge or a dream bedroom and show off your finds in a blog post. So, as I love a good browse I thought I'd go hunting and list my ideas for Little A's dream bedroom. Midges only needs a lick of paint and a little TLC but A's is stuck in a boring rut.

So, with all the images linked to their original site, I give you Little A's dream room!

I love this bed and I know Little A would too. He's still in a cot bed because he loves it so much but it's time he moved on to a big boy bed! We do have one on stand by but it won't last him long so to go up to a single bed straight away would be ideal. The football theme is ideal for A and his love of his footie (like his father!) I think we wouldn't have too much trouble at bedtime with this fab bed.

Football Rug

I'd buy a few of these rugs and place them in the middle of his room. He'd really love them and they'd make a great finishing touch.

I love these reversible duvet covers and I love buying bright colours. I wouldn't want to over power his room with football related items so I think it would be a lovely way to break it all up a bit.

A great kawaii like cloud cushion for his bed. The cloud fits the bedding perfectly and I love a funky cushion to finish off beds and sofas in the house.

Spiderman Lined Curtains - W66 x L54 in

These curtains are certainly no match for the room theme but it's important to have dark curtains in a little ones bedroom and he adores spider man. Failing this, I'd go for a plain dark blue curtain but I couldn't find that online this morning.

Storage Library

I love this shelving unit! There's a bit of colour, it's perfect for all of A's books and you can even store extras on the side.

Kansas 6 Drawer Chest

I prefer my children having chest of drawers rather than wardrobes. They both get messed up in my experience so it's not that they can look after their clothes better it's just they take up less room. These drawers are lovely and simple, his teddies can still sit on top and it's far better than the plastic rubbish he has in his room currently!

So, with some paint and touching up, his room would really be the ideal room. Its fun, its got several of his likes in there and there would still be plenty of room for him to pull his Lego and toys out, both of which could be stored under his bed and hidden! Ideal for a growing boy who hates to tidy up!

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  1. love it :) - love the bedding & the cloud pillow so cute xx