Proud Mummy Moment: Midges Year 1 Parents Evening

This is rather delayed 'Proud Mummy Moment' which I won't apologise for! 

 Midge walked into school one morning last week to see her name on the 'Star of the Day' board. She came bounding up to me and showed me the star, I was so pleased I took a photo of it to show Jay (and show it off on social media naturally!)

After school we had Midges Year 1 patents evening. They're usually fairly predictable these evenings because the school work so closely with us parents all through the different terms. I was so proud to hear the teacher say such wonderful things about my daughter. That she was kind, thoughtful, supported her friends and listened brilliantly.

Work wise, her writing has come on so, so much. Every night midge writes stories and draws pictures before she sleeps. Her reading is spot on after some slow progress and she has moved levels twice this year which has given her so much confidence. Maths is her biggest struggle but the school have recognised this and are helping her every way they can. She is in a good group of friends who find the work challenging too and they work together. While Midge is still enthusiastic about her maths, I'm keen to keep her learning so she doesn't turn to hate it and struggle with the subject throughout her school years like myself.

All the photos have come from her work books which were a pleasure to look through. I'll leave you with a very pleased Midge holding her Star of the Day card which went straight on the fridge as soon as she came in the door!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Aww! Well done for getting star of the day!
    Sounds like she's doing so well! You must be so proud x

  2. She has lovely handwriting!

  3. Well done Midge! She's a credit to you Hannah xx