Truro Museum with Midge

I have not been to the museum for well over a year and the last time we went it was such a rush around job with the little ones not interested in the actual museum but the activity centers. Last week, Midge and I grabbed a train and headed to Truro for a mum and daughter day out.

I love history, adore it in fact. I'm useless with names and even worse with dates but I love seeing these objects from hundreds of years ago, I love learning facts and hearing stories. I love touching these statues and stones that are so, so old and we have no idea how many people now so long ago have laid their hands on the exact same objects. Amazing. Now I'm done getting my geek on, let me share with you our wonderful trip!

We started with a little shopping in the town center. I bought myself a new cook book and some earrings and Midge bought herself a new purse and some clip on earrings. I made her try on this hair band because I knew how sweet she'd look!

We then went to Truro Cathedral which takes my breath away no matter how many times I go in there. We walked around and saw a small art exhibition inside too. After our little tour we went to the shop where we bought some gorgeous non edible Easter eggs and some postcards for our collection.

Then the museum! I paid £5 to enter the Royal Cornwall Museum and now I have a whole year free entry! Children are free already so it's a really cheap day out. We checked out the feet of Cornwall's tallest man (The Cornish Giant) and a beautiful coach from the 1700's. Midge was keen to go upstairs because we were told there was a mummy up there.

I got half way around the 2nd floor before Midge got bored with my fact reading which was a shame but for a six year old she did well. There's only so many statues, cutlery and trinket boxes you can look at before you get the itch to move on, so I can't blame her! We found the next exhibition to be great for Midge though. Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.

Midge dressed up as a Greek girl and pretended she was a queen (very funny) and I showed her the Egyptian section with a lot of excitement! I showed her the sarcophagus and the jars which were used to store the organs of the dead (unused) Afterwards, I turned around to see the coffin and the real mummified body of an ancient Egyptian behind glass and nearly wet myself with excitement (I told you, history geek! You'll have to go the museum to see for yourself though!)

We then did some activities like having a go at mummification before moving downstairs where we looked at the animals of the ocean and nature on land. We looked at dead insects through microscopes and traced animal paw prints. We even saw a stuffed fox and hedgehog.

We had an ace time at the museum and we had so much fun together. Before heading back on the train we shared a large tray of chips and went for a stroll. It sort of felt like an early Mother's Day for me I suppose, which was lovely.

Some favourites: A more modern Virgin Mary/A beautiful carved box/A tea urn

Have you been on any days out recently or had any adventures of your own? Do let me know!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Looks like you had a great time. We recently went to the national history museum with the boys-Sam liked it more than Alex though!! Hope you had a lovely mother's day yesterday x

  2. how great does this look :) - what a fab day out xx