Love The Little Things #8

A book has not been opened this week let alone finished or started. I have been reading my blogs as usual and I've been reading back on the notes I took at the beginning of the week whilst away on my little Mums Retreat. I wrote some powerful thoughts that I will read again and again for sure when I'm at a low point.

I've had a lot of catching up to do! I've enjoyed Eastenders and Coach Trip as usual but am yet to watch One Born I hate how broody it makes me so have been putting it off! I watched Jonathan Creek last night and was really disappointed with it. I hate seeing the crime happen before the investigators know anything.

I enjoyed listening to the wind, rain and the crashing sea as I walked around the gardens and laid in bed at the beautiful house we stayed at for our retreat. I also heard lots of stories and thoughts from inspiring women.

Welly boots have been essential this week as have warm clothes, especially to bed! My attic room is freezing cold, anyone else's? I've been wearing jumpers and even woolly hats to bed!

OH this week I made a collage of things that nourish me and Mum Trump cards, all inspired by Story of Mum of course. It was great fun sitting down and making these things with lots of other women.

And Lastly...
I leave you with a photo I took on Tuesday 25th February.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the retreat Hsnnah. And I loved the photo at the end of your post. Keep wrapping up warm,It won't be long till Spring :-) xxxx