A Health Visit for Little A- Positive Steps

We haven't seen a Health Visitor since both our children were born. They were both happy and healthy and were signed off with the invite of drop ins at a local center. I went a couple of times to these sessions but hated them. We never saw a health visitor again..Until today.

Finally, after suffering alone and unsupported with Little A and his head banging, tantrums and poor sleep patterns we have a wonderful health visitor we can talk to and trust. Little A was asleep when she arrived so we spoke about him in general. She asked us what we are concerned with (how to handle his tantrums was my answer) and from there we spoke about his sleep being a bit odd, disrupted with phases. We spoke about his speech and how it wasn't what I thought it should be. I am right. He isn't where he should be but from observation, the health visitor was able to tell he had a lot of words there but lacked clarity or just couldn't quite get out what it is he wants to say.

So now? Well, Little A will be referred for hearing tests, where there's no concern in my opinion but an up to date test is necessary and will help with the second referral, his speech. There is currently a 6-8 week wait for speech referral. He could come through those weeks speaking perfectly and fluently in several languages, just to prove us otherwise, or he could not! It's a wait and see situation but either way there is no negitive.

It's been suggested to me that I look into a nursery place or some play sessions even so A can interact with children his own age as he doesn't really otherwise.His cousins are either older and in school or younger by a year and being split a part! So I'm up for that, he'd love a play session, he has a very active mind and being home lots isn't great for A.

It's been suggested I look into child led play which fortunately isn't completely alien to me! We've been told an hours break from the television a day can be beneficial because otherwise it's all just background noise which I totally agree with.

Finally the dummy...*big,long sigh* the thing we knew was going to be mentioned because we know it's a problem..the darn thing that has to be taken away from my son with no understanding why I'm all of a sudden taking it away because we can't communicate. As you can tell, I'm not relishing the prospect of taking this step but it has to happen.

Onwards and upward!

Cupcake Mumma


joy said...

My youngest son had a similar speech problem, and had speech therapy for a couple of years, also a dummy dependency problem. To be honest, it was all so long ago now (he's almost 25) that I cant remember much detail, but he has turned out to be absolutely fine. His hearing is very sensitive - small sounds that you or I might not even hear sound loud to him, so it seemed to him at the time that he was living in a constant noise which he didn't want to add to. Not sure how you can approach the dummy problem, but you must tell him what you are going to do, rather than just take it away with no reason. Try to find a replacement activity, a reward for giving up his dummy, something to show him that he has been a good boy for not using it. Good luck. x x x

busybeemummybex said...

I am so glad you've got a lovely HV - that makes such a difference. Hopefully things will start improving, take tiny little positive steps forward. as you know we are going through the speech journey. good luck with the dummy - we chose the 'dummy fairy' route.... it was tough. xxx

Unknown said...

Good luck with everything-especially the dummy situation as I am sure that isn't going not be easy for you all! Dummy fairy needs to take it for the little babies? I'm sure everything will be fine-at least you are getting help just to double check :) xx

Hannah said...

Thanks Bex it really doesn doesn't it? She was lovely. Thanks for your post too will def stop by it when i have a moment! Need all the help i can get! xxx

Hannah said...

The dummy fairy is ace, but he doesn't understand quite so well these 'stories' etc just yet so it's a bit frustrating! We're going with taking bit by bit! Thanks so much for commenting xx

Unknown said...

Hi Hannah, i had a lovely health visitor, she was called Hilary and i maintained contact with her for ages because of my pnd. my youngest had speech delay and lots of hearing tests (long story) but he was referred for makaton lessons and straight after he started speaking and really improved quickly that we hardly signed for/to him. we also went to the sunshine room play sessions which is part of camborne nursery (behind phoenix health surgery near camborne church). the staff there are lovely, its the only play group i went to because the groups are quite small and it didnt feel like an exclusive mums club which is how sure start made me feel and i hated that. the sunshine room are part of family services which offer signing sessions sometimes and can refer to other health services. i have no need to go there now the boys are both in school but if i had a child to mind its where id take them :)