My Week That was Instagrammed #3

I said I wasn't going to join in this week with my week that was but I've decided I kind of miss it now it's not up here! We all hand a pants week last week with work problems, feeling unwell and my anxiety reaching quite a horrible point at the weekend that I considered writing it off completely. Now I look back we did have a few good bits thrown in there.

We went puddle jumping with Midge and Little As cousin T. They both loved splashing, we all loved the fresh air the trees and the horses too.

Jason took midge and A out on Saturday morning and I could hear my name bring called from outside. They had all gone jumping in muddy puddles in the ally behind our house and I could see them from our skylight waving and having fun.

I read an excellent book called The Girl Who Came Home, a novel based on the Titanic. I'm on my second book of 2014 now and hoping to reach 30 or more by the end of the year!

On Saturday afternoon we watched Jason play football. The little ones watched for a while before playing with a bunch of fallen twigs and tress. They built dens and stuck twigs in the mud. Good old fashion fun! I hit to watch the team play and whoop butt which is unused for me as it's usually more stressful!

It's not all doom and gloom now is it?

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. I'm so glad you managed to look back on the week and realise it wasn't too bad :) I love the photo of the horses :) and is that Little A with the Copella? Such a cute photo!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx