Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2014 #1

 Photographers Choice

I took this photo at a friends birthday party for her little girl. Midge was so thrilled with her face paints that we have booked to go there again with her cousin on her birthday which is only a few weeks away! 


Today I had the family over for a belated New Years Day dinner. These are my gluten and dairy free Yorkshire puddings that I whipped up. I was so, so pleased with them. I think I would've eaten them there and then but alas, I had to share!

Something Beginning with the Letter G

Gorgeous Gluten free chocolate. It's also dairy free and tastes delicious. If you've had those After Eight chocolate mints then you'll know what I mean. These are thicker though. I have already eaten too many and feel sick! 

My Town

This is Heartlands, part of my town. It's a beautiful place preserving our mining heritage here in Cornwall. 

Words to Live by

I'm extremely big on kindness. Last year I sent gifts to people randomly. One person for every month. This year I am focusing on kindness in a big way and even have a 31 Days of Kindness project planned for March on the blog for others to join in with. Even one small act or word can go a very long way in a persons day.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Cupcake Mumma


  1. The photographer's choice really gave me a smile! Well Done!

  2. Great set. Photographer's Choice is adorably cute.
    I love After 8 Mints so if those taste like them I'm sure I'd like them.
    Good words to live by and your project sounds awesome.