Love the Little Things #4

Ah it's Friday again and time for me to share the little things I've loved over the past week.


I tried reading that crime novel I wrote about last week but do you know what? I see enough violence on television in the news or in the papers, why read imaginary violence too? I just couldn't read it so picked up a real paperback this week; Dairy of a Hapless Househusband. It's light and easy to read and Hopefully I'll finish it by next week. I also read Psychology Magazine. Why did no one recommend this sooner! It's ace!

This week I watched Coach Trip which I love! It's so funny how bitchy they get with each other but I love the activities they get to do too. I also watched the new Outnumbered on catch up which was okay. Seeing the three children now grown up made even me feel old! I plan to catch up on the Channel 4 show My Tattoo Hell with Katie Piper. It'll be good I reckon!


It's been very, very cold this week. Thursday night was the coldest so far and saw me wearing a shirt, hubby's jumper, 2 pj bottoms and my slippers in bed. I was underneath a duvet, quilt and throw as well! Attic rooms are not my favourite thing right now ! I'm going to put plastic sheeting over my skylight tonight!!

This week I've heard lots of screaming and crying from my Little A. We're still dealing with Night Terrors and sleep disturbance. I've been doing a lot of research into this and tonight I start a new 'technique' to see if things can improve. Hopefully the next 7 days will give me some hope!

This week I made mini dragon heads and Chinese lanturns to celebrate Chinese New Year. I did the basic drawing and cutting stuff and let the little ones stick and colour. Well, I coloured A's dragon, he wasn't that interested! I also made some chocolates for a review, check them out!

Apologies for the bad photo!

Less crafty is this Just Giving page I made to raise funds for Julian House. I'm sleeping out for 1 night in a park to raise money for those who sleep out every night in much worse places. Do share if you can, thank you!

And Lastly
It's Saturday tomorrow so I get a lay in! I'm hoping to bake fairy cakes later on and watch a movie with the children. Hubby is out tomorrow night but fingers crossed I get my fish and chip dinner! On Sunday we're actually visiting a friends house for a family roast. Im not sure if people do this anymore so I'm looking forward to it!

Cupcake Mumma


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  1. Sorry to read that Little A is suffering with night terrors, I really hope he settles and that you all get some good sleep.
    Your Chinese New Year crafts look great. I really must do more craft stuff with my girls. Maybe that can be my mission for next week, then I can share what we've done in the Made bit of the little loves post.
    Have a lovely week xx