Hobbycraft Chocolate Moulds Perfect for Valentines!*

Now I know how a lot of people feel about Valentines Day but sadly I'm not one of them. I love the big heart balloons and making a meal for Hubby complete with anything else I can find in store!

Something I really wanted to try this year was making my own chocolates. As if it were meant to be, an email dropped into my inbox from HobbyCraft to review this great little chocolate making set with the little ones.

The set includes:
1 plastic mould with assorted heart shapes
3 large chocolate coins 2 milk chocolate and 1 white
1 Plastic piping bag
1 pack of hearts *these contain peanut oil*
Set of Instructions

We donned our aprons and got out a bowl suitable for microwave use. This was just to speed things up and as a responsible adult supervising, I felt it was fine. It's worth noting though that we melted a small amount of the white chocolate in the piping bag provided. I was surprised to see that you could just pop the bag with the chocolate into some warm water and allow it to melt. As this set is aimed at age 7+ this does allow more independence which is great. I however, have a 6 and 2 year old so I was opting for the quickest approach!

Midge broke up the chocolate and we watched for the timer to go on the microwave. We heated the chocolate bit by bit so as to not burn it and ruin the activity!

After melting the chocolate we began filling our moulds. I took over using the piping bag because Midge found it difficult to not overfill the bottom of the mould. She did however use a spoon to fill the mould up to the top and this was very easy to do, if a little messy! We had more chocolate than we would've done if we used the bag because you always get some stuck to the sides of the bag, same as icing a cake really, except when it's chocolate I hate wasting any amount!

After licking out the bowls (yes that is necessary!) I popped the mould set to one side whilst I did some washing up. After 15/20 minutes the chocolate was set! I didn't even need the fridge! Obviously popping it into the fridge you will wait even less time, I just got side tracked. Here's our two toned chocolates in their setting process:

Chocolate art?
Here they are ready to eat!

Everyone said the chocolate tasted great (no surprises there) and they looked great (they will be so good for my valentines idea!)
It was a great activity to share with Midge and an older child can be left to do most of the activity alone which is obviously fantastic.

It's worth noting that I didn't have any problems cleaning the moulds which are reusable.
Midge wants to try colouring the white chocolates next time which should be interesting!

*Hobbycraft sent us 1 chocolate making set free of charge for the purpose of this review. Thank you Hobbycraft!

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