Love The Little Things #3

I'm so gutted I missed last weeks link up I was just too late! So this is my week 3 and I'm all different to everyone else. As usual! Anyway, onto all the lovely little things that have gone on in my life this week.

I've just finished reading The Memoirs of Fanny Hill which was a really good read once I got used to the old English it was written in. I really enjoyed dipping in and out of it (if you'll excuse the pun!) it's a bit sad, a bit surprising and also ends on a happy note which I like. I've now downloaded a crime book which is new for me and I'll let you know how I get on! Book 2/30 done!

Silent witness has been on my television again this week and I can't get enough. I love Emilia Fox (anyone else have that girl crush thing going on?) I've caught up with Splash as it's harmless television really and of course Eastenders. Goes without saying in my house I'm afraid!

I finally painted my nails after giving them a break. They're now a lovely pastel pink which I'll sparkle up for the weekend ahead.

I found a keane album on iTunes the other night, their first one and it took me straight back. Just back to those days of laying on my bed as a teen with nothing to do but enjoy my music. There's no happy or sad memories, just a relaxed feeling which is quite nice.

I haven't made anything this week at all so allow me to show you my makes from last week. Midges birthday cake from Saturday and her birthday card from her actual birthday on Friday:

Oh, I did make some chocolate using moulds which I popped on hubby's birthday cake today. My mum made the cake though! (And I butchered it for the record because my oven went nuts)

And lastly
I am facing a huge fear tonight and meeting lots of new people at my husband's birthday party. He plays for a football team and we're all meeting at a club. If you don't follow me you won't know why this is so big for me. I have crippling social anxiety in these situations but I'm unusually excited!
I'm also off to a hotel on Sunday with The Hubster and I can't wait!! Have a great weekend everyone!

Cupcake Mumma