NappyKind Boutique Leggings Review!

I've been waiting ages to show off these gorgeous leggings I was sent by NappyKind Boutique recently. I've never reviewed clothing before so getting the photos together has been a new thing for me, I just hope they do the product justice!

The leggings are a size 24-36 months and fit Little A perfectly. He's never worn anything like this before but he looks so cute in them! Here's the adorable design (there is a wide selection of very cute designs to choose from) that drew me to these leggings in particular:

Here are the leggings for my niece which I couldn't resist picking out because they are so pretty and suit her down to a T.

The quality is easy to see with these leggings, they really are gorgeous. Little A's leggings have been through the wash a good number of times already, they have not stretched or shrunk and have remained perfectly comfortable for him to wear. So comfortable in fact, these are not only used to keep him extra warm when we go out but he also wears them to bed. They double up brilliantly for pj bottoms!

As I mentioned above, we have been regularly using the leggings to go under trousers when we are outside so as to keep him extra toasty. The leggings are almost like tights and are therefore incredibly warm.

I have found on both little ones the leggings are easy to get on and off (sometimes trousers etc can get caught on the nappy or get stuck on little A's bum!) they wash well, dry well, are soft and cause no irritation. They are made to sit around a nappy so you don't have this nappy outline like you would with your normal leggings, you can't really see the nappy because the leggings are thick and made to sit around the outline anyway.

Both Little A and my Niece appear to really like and be comfortable in their new leggings. I already have more bookmarked for their birthdays and highly recommend these and the NappyKind Boutique website to anyone.

Cupcake Mumma

*I was sent 2 pairs of leggings at a discounted price for the purpose of this review*


  1. the are awful sweet. My children are years and years beyond that now.

    1. My daughter was gutted they don't do her size! I'll probably weep when A becomes too small. Thanks for stopping by :0)