Love The Little Things #2

I really enjoyed linking up with but why mummy why last week for love the little things so have decided to continue this week! It's been a slow and boring week this week but these link ups always force you to find something positive.


The Girl Who Came Home: A Novel of the Titanic

I was reading the new Bridget Jones book but I just could not for the life of me get into it which always annoys me. I've gone back to my usual type of book and am enjoying being almost finished with The Girl Who Came Home, a lovely novel about a group of Irish women who board the Titanic in the hopes of joining their relatives and friends in America. This story is told from the past, using different characters who played different roles on board the ship, dairy entries from a surviving Irish passenger and the future by her grand daughter who is a college student hopeful of becoming a journalist and delves deep into her grandmothers sad past to tell the story she never could tell anyone else and also allows her to move forward in her own young life after the death of her father. Really recommend!

I have been watching Silent Witness this week and loving it! Toy Story 1 and 3 have been on my television screen a lot this week and I'm not sick of it at all. I get to snuggle with my boy and even Midge has got back into it. Little A thinks he's Buzz Lightyear and has even sent his own Buzz into the beyond (naturally I wasn't pleased about this until it was pointed out Buzz was now 'Mrs Nezbitt'!)

This week I've been living in my slippers and care bear pyjama bottoms which are so comfy. I haven't been feeling great. I have donned my wellies for some puddle jumping with A and my niece though, I'm not totally lazy!

I don't really listen to music so you'll probably never see you tube clips here. I've heard lots of newborn baby cries this week! I haven't even been near babies! Two people I know have had their babies and plenty are due around now, it's a baby boom for sure! I can hear their little cries around the supermarkets and have been picking up my tin of beans whilst simultaneously clutching my screaming womb!!

I made these two cards for the people who had their babies this week. Such a lovely time, nothing makes me happier.

And lastly
My hubby spoilt me whilst out shopping this week with two bunches of tulips and two packs of digestive biscuits. I treated myself to some sparkly gold nail polish from the pound store which has lasted all week *high 5 pound shop!*

Cupcake Mumma



Ellen said...

I love the Toy Story films & loved the Mrs Nezzbit comment. Your cards are beautiful x

Unknown said...

Love his comment about Mrs Nesbit! I'd totally forgotten about that bit of the film!
Those cards are lovely, I wish I was more of a craft person.
Thanks for linking up, have a great week! xx

Kate said...

How sweet of Hubby. Love Toy Story. Those cards are lovely xx

Unknown said...

Love those pretty cards x

mummydaddytoddlerkitten said...

I thought it was just me whose been a bit lazy this week- hurray for slippers and pyjamas, although all my pyjamas are christmas printed, whoops! The book sounds great, if I didn't already have a book list thrice the length of my arm, I'd give it a go! xx

Anonymous said...

The Toy Story collection is by far one of the best Disney/Pixar films! I love them and could happily watch them all the time {The 2nd one is rather sad when they play the whole clip about Jessie being forgotten!}

I have yet to find a nail polish that doesn't chip within 2 days! Highly frustrating when Ive just painted my nails and its chipped within an hour!


Kat Sighs said...

What a great post! I think I'll have to start this as it is always the little things that we forget. You make lovely cards too Hannah xx

Hannah said...

Thanks ellen, it's one of my favourite films to watch with the little ones :)

Hannah said...

I'm not that crafty, you'll see haha! Thanks for hosting, i'm really enjoying the link up xx

Hannah said...

Thanks Kate :) x

Hannah said...

Thank-you! xx

Hannah said...

Haha i'm still slipping on my xmas jumper now and again i don't care it's cold!! Ah maybe when your pile is smaller you'll have a go. It's a great little book x

Hannah said...

I love the films too, i think the 3rd one gets me the most with the near burning of the toys at the dump eek! This polish is called jess and its from poundland believe it or not. It's lasted all week with no top coat too! xx

Hannah said...

Thanks Kat. I'll be hopping over in a sec then! xx