My Week That was Instagrammed! #15

I've got lots of photos to show off this week for my week that was post. Last week was a busy week which ended in a stomach bug for everyone. Thankfully we're all better now though!

This week:

A was the first to get poorly so we had lots of cuddles and plenty of sleep for a couple of days. I love snapping pictures of him sound asleep.

I got a new tablet in the post and as soon as I got it, Hubby downloaded a football game which I caught Little A playing. I think he scored a few goals!

We had six little ones altogether last week and it was full on but not bad at all. I wouldn't want a big family though! Little T had a cold but she still let me take a photo.

I was so pre-occupied I missed both a dental and GP appointment- naughty! I've now caught up on both, one of which I always carry my trusty ant-bac soap with me to!

I went to visit the school do see the big light switch on. Midge and I made this angel peg doll before school for the tree.

I had a sneaky Costa hot chocolate on one very cold school run. Hubby (in the green) made the local paper with his football team. Little A enjoyed a day out and I treated Midge to a mini hot chocolate with marshmallows.

This collage is more weekend focused.

Mum came over on Saturday and treated the children and I to Pizza Hut! Little A and I sat snapping photos of each other.

Midge and Grandma had a lovely time together, I love this photo so much.

Midge used a gift voucher from her Great Grandparents to buy a Hello Kitty bag. Little A bought a toy fire truck with his one.

We walked into the town center which was decorated with reindeer's and Christmas trees and Midge had to have her photo taken next to a tree! We then walked to the cathedral where we lit candles and walked around admiring the beauty of the building. We saw a sculpture of a homeless man which looked so real.

Little A met and then proceeded leap on a man dressed as a lion at the indoor market- it was so cute!

My delicious pizza. Never have anchovies though, this ruined it completely but I'd never tried them before so thought why not?

On Sunday we put the Christmas tree up and went to Wetherspoons for a big breakfast. It sure was nice to round off the week as a family at breakfast.

Hope your week was less hectic but still enjoyable!

Cupcake Mumma


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    1. It was but I'm glad it's over because it was a tough one!

  2. Wow! A full on week and lots of lovely photos :) I love anchovies - but fresh ones are infinitely nicer than the ones they put on pizzas :)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xxx

    1. Hmm don't think you'll get me trying a fresh one an anchovie is an anchovie to me now haha! Thanks for hosting xxx