Rainbow Fun!

Just before half term Midge had a very special delivery from Rainbow Belle. Rainbow Belle is a colourful little fairy that lives in Bellvue with her Magic Belle friends.

Midge and myself have spent many times together in their magical world and every month she receives a surprise pack from one of her fairy friends through the Flutterbud Club. It really makes her month.

We were sent a great, big package full of colour and sparkle from Rainbow Belle. Little A and Midge set to work on their projects:

After a lot of sticking and colouring they had both created a rainbow each which have been placed above my desk:

A pretty rainbow by Midge and A

Midge and I made the lovely wooden bunting together with some decorating help from A of course! I threaded rainbow coloured ribbon through the flags and we hung above Midges bed in her newly decorated bedroom.

Thank you to Magic Belles who supplied us with all our gorgeous craft goodies to make our bunting and rainbows.



  1. That's a great set of goodies to keep the kids busy! x

    1. I know! My 2 were entertained for hours! x