Family Weekend

This weekend went so fast. We looked after my sister-in-laws children from Saturday morning until the afternoon so she could finally have her op to help her fully recover from breaking her leg. It was hectic of course, after all there is four of them and two of my own! Thankfully, because we now have a larger house we aren't all really cramped and they can all spread out.

The original plan was to have a duvet day due to the lack of sleep I've been banging on about. We got lucky on Friday night and had a fairly undisturbed sleep so that really helped. Besides, these kids did not want to do duvet day!

I had prepared some water beads the night before and they all loved this activity. I joined in with them so never took a photo, I'm fascinated by water beads! They ended up absolutely everywhere and they discovered squishing them with their toes was oh so much fun! Thankfully my nephews helped with the cleaning (the girls were noticeably missed hmm!)

Having a break from being 'Officer Zac'

I left the girls crafting while I took the boys and my youngest niece shopping. We fetched some paint for the girls and they were allowed a toy each too. Chocolate buttons were also on the menu. When we got home, the boys and Midge slipped into police gear and got role playing, while Little A had a nap. I had snuggles with my niece while my other niece went crazy with glitter paint. I have a lot of pictures 'drying' in my kitchen right now-they're still wet!

Eventually I relaxed with the girls on the sofa. Here's G giving me her gorgeous grin:

And here's my beautiful baby niece chilling on the bean bag:

They ate me out of house and home but who cares? They pay me back in so many lovely ways *insert big, cheesy grin*

On Sunday we spent some time with my Dad as an early birthday surprise. As usual it was ace seeing my parents and great to see my brother before he leaves for Holland next week. My dad turns 52 this month so I baked him this rather nice banana chocolate chip cake with chocolate fudge icing:

I've had a wonderful weekend but I wish it wouldn't go so fast! I've got nothing planned for this week so we'll see what happens!



  1. Looks like you had a fun packed weekend.

  2. Phew, it sounds as though that chocolate was well-deserved (by the baker!) I hope you found a spare minute to tuck into a big slice.