A Year in Gifts October

It came to me pretty early on in October who my recipient would be for my year in gifts project that month. After reading a few tweets and settling down to read to some very moving blog posts, I really wanted to extend a loving thought (okay perhaps a bit more than just a thought) to DragonflyPoppy who blogs here.

If you read Elizabeth's blog, you will know that recently her Mum was diagnosed with cancer and that even more recently she underwent an operation . It's not my story to tell so I won't. Instead, I'd love for you see her blog and read for yourselves.

This month, I wanted to send a gift to not only Elizabeth but also to her Mum. My Aunt has been through Breast Cancer and come out the other side a healthier and stronger woman. Armed with my limited knowledge and some research, I carefully picked out items I thought Elizabeth's Mum would appreciate if not now, then in the near future.

I then selected items for Elizabeth herself which was slightly easier given the blog reading and online conversations we've had. I stumbled upon this card (thanks to Elizabeth for the photos!) and knew it would complete my gift perfectly.

There is just two months left now of my Year in Gifts Project. I've noticed good things come to me and have felt I have made many people feel happy, cared for, real, possibly all three. Even if that only lasted a few moments it was worth it to me.

A lot of people don't understand why I chose this project. I get asked, "why do you spend money on strangers?" "What do you get out of it?"
 These people have come through hard times, are going through hard times or simply need reminding that there are people out there rooting for them-so please don't give up. I can remember each and every person I sent a gift to and the reason why I sent a gift to them.

I do this project because I care. Because I care about friends, family. I care about total strangers (although to me, these bloggers are friends not strangers) I don't want anything back but on several occasions I have and it's brightened my day. That's paying it forward, keeping the circle of kindness going. Bringing light to a sometimes dark world.

That's why I've done this project and is why I'm looking forward to my new project in 2014

Cupcake Mumma


  1. This is a lovely post, and your gift to mum and I was just perfect. It was so thoughtful, and that was what got me most....the care you had taken to tailor it just right. Thank you so very much Hannah. I am most definitely going to keep that circle of kindness flowing. You are a very kind soul and I am so proud you're my friend xxx

  2. what a wonderful kind thing to do hannah, if only more people were like u :)

    1. Thank you, I think there are a lot really :-) x